Is XDR (eXtended detection and response) different from DLP?

Extended detection and response or “XDR”, a new, and much lauded approach to threat detection and response. According to its proponents, XDR provides holistic protection against cyberattacks, unauthorized access, and general misuse of data. The capabilities touted by XDR supporters

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EDM, Fingerprinting, & Accuracy in Data Security

Protecting PII is Still a Problem Protecting PII is one of the central challenges for today’s enterprises.  Firms large and small invest heavily in security budgets to ensure their networks are well protected and data remains intact. But before organizations can

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Why Accuracy is Critical to Your Data Security Strategy

With digital advancement, data privacy and protection is crucial. Comprehensive data protection strategies are effective when businesses have complete visibility and transparency into data. Enhancing data privacy accuracy is critical for improving your organization’s overall security posture. Many organizations are

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