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Our Mission

GTB Technologies is on a mission to help protect data,  stop breaches, and get one step ahead of cyber threats, proactively by creating unique intelligent data-centric security solutions and delivering unparalleled security, visibility, and agility.

Vision Statement

By combating current and future cyber risks accurately, GTB Technologies aspires to be the preeminent cybersecurity solution provider needed by most organizations around the world.   Our customers receive and have the ability to easily adopt into their data security operations the highest value of data protection/cybersecurity tool-sets, solutions, and services which result from the belief that data security is built on the premise that there are insiders continuously looking to ex-filtrate your data, that neither users nor devices can be trusted (Zero Trust).


Sustainability is an obligation incorporated at various levels throughout the business.  From having sustainability standards for choosing suppliers and service providers using green packaging, to providing solutions and services electronically.

Web Accessibility Statement

GTB Technologies is committed to creating an accessible online environment for all visitors to its website.  To continue reading about what GTB is doing for web accessibility click here

Our Goals

GTB Technologies solutions will:

  • Provide organizations of any size, industry, government agencies, and businesses with the data security tools necessary to respond to and protect the ever-changing risk landscape.
  • Continue our cutting-edge research which identifies and helps develop new technologies that continually raise the bar in the data security/protection marketplace.


Financially Independent .. Strategically Focused

We are the only company in the Data Leak / Data Loss Prevention space that is controlled by its Cofounder.  This independence offers us the unique ability to focus on our customers rather than investors’ short-term objectives.


Who are our Customers?

With thousands of Endpoints scanned, millions of Terabytes continuously Monitored and Protected; as the world’s leading Data Protection / DLP that Works platform, GTB Technologies enables enterprises of all sizes, in every industry, across the globe to secure and control their sensitive data.

Our customers serve the public, some govern and protect their citizens while others fly into clouds, or build cloud services.  Some of our customers connect, educate, and empower children and adults. They help build nest eggs and protect assets, some develop and create cutting-edge technologies and autos while others help the sick, the poor, and the wealthy.


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