Protecting PII, PCI & PHI Data in Todays Perimeter-less Collaborative Environment

Protecting PII, PCI & PHI Data in Today's Perimeter-less Collaborative Environment

Live Presentation, October  18, 2016 at Gartner Symposium / ITxpo    Symposium 2016 logo


Enterprise Leaders today know that new digital channels are opening up daily thus rendering their current security tools useless.  The breach of sensitive data / content is not solely a problem of the major Hollywood studios (e.g.. Sony) or Healthcare organizations (e.g.. Anthem) or Government (e.g. FDIC).  These breaches effect all with digital and sensitive content.

Corporate board leaders are just starting to realize the need to embrace advanced, cutting edge technologies which will aid in the discovery, classification, protection and control of their digital property.

The key is the need to understand and require their systems have the ability to provide answers to questions such as:

“What data do I want to protect?” and

“Can my data protection system classify sensitive data correctly, in real-time?”  Or

“Can I truly prevent a data breach?

This informative session will show how the next generation of data protection solutions are capable of inspecting and accurately detecting un-authorized transmissions (malware 'phoning home' your data),  alerting administrators and preventing a breach, as soon as the violation occurs, even if the data is SSL encrypted, either online or offline ... without the need for a team of DLP Experts!

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GTB Gets The W-I-N For DLP In 2019

GTB Technologies was recently crowned the winner of Acquisition International’s cyber security award in the data loss prevention (DLP) category for its anti-malware and insider threat capabilities. AI noted specifically that, “[o]ver the past 14 years, GTB Technologies has delivered unparalleled innovations to the data protection and governance market,” which has culminated in a “data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.”

For these reasons, GTB is a top choice among those who take data protection seriously and is used by major players across industries, including finance, healthcare, defense contractors, and government.

Logan Rohde, Info-Tech Research Group