Cloud-Native & Container Data Protection / Enterprise DLP 

Extend Enterprise Data Protection to the cloud – accurately without the “noise” of false positives!




GTB provides CASB-like functionality, with real-time discovery, classification, visibility, and control of cloud data usage.  GTB’s advanced data detection engines discover and limit damage from malware, Shadow IT, insiders, and anonymizers; answering questions such as:

  • What data is going to which cloud? or
  • Who is sending sensitive data to which cloud service?
  • What data is being exfiltrated?
  • Prevent sensitive data from being exfiltrated?
Market Leader

GTB’s Data Protection / DLP platform is consistently highlighted in analyst reports (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.) by providing a comprehensive enterprise Data Loss Prevention solution at a highly attractive price, while delivering a fast time to value; including receiving the highest rated critical capability scoring in data discovery and ease of deployment.

Enterprise Data Security Features provide  

  • Data Governance
  • Native Cloud DLP
  • Real-time Control & Protection
  • Accurate Visibility – without limitation
  • Forensics
  • Risk Management
  • Data Misclassification
Native Data Discovery  & DLP Prevent

  • Discover, Locate, Classify & Inventory – your critical data and its locations – Simple & Easy – based on Content & Context.
  • Prevent  See & Control your Data– from who is accessing it, where it’s being sent, copied, or transmitted going to the cloud/containers, from the cloud/containers.
  • Prevent confidential file and / or sensitive data uploads and unauthorized sharing on cloud apps including OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Dynamic “DLP 2.0” Data Classification in Real-time, Automatic, Persistent & Continuous
    • Email Classification
    • File Classification
    • Data Misclassification
    • Dynamic Classification –  automatically Secure and Classify Unstructured & Structured Data
    • User-based Classification – classify data during creation
  • Real-Time Monitoring – be notified when a user saves a file with sensitive content
  • Continuous Compliance – Scan on-demand or scheduled
  • Categorize, Organize, Tag sensitive Unstructured & Structured Data
  • Ensure Data Removal – while reporting Violations
  • OCR Detection – in real-time, detect, redact and classify sensitive data in scanned documents and images
  • File Audit – understand your blind spots, see what your end users are doing with sensitive data, then take action
  • Educate & Promote  End User Security Awareness – teach compliance and organization security policies
  • Enterprise Reporting – dynamic reports based on departments, users, channels, geographic locations, etc.
  • Apply DRM / IRM policies – in realtime
  • Focus on  Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Enhance other Data protection & Security products (e.g. CASB, DLP’s) by classifying and protecting sensitive information regardless of the data type or location

GTB’s Enterprise Data Protection DLP that Works Platform delivered on-premises, off-premises, and in the cloud, as a SaaS that’s self-managed, managed, or hybrid service; has a long-standing history of accurately protecting sensitive data within cloud applications.

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