Microsoft Teams Data Protection that Works

Data Protection for Microsoft Teams

GTB's Data Security that Works Platform offers a comprehensive, intelligent, integrated approach across devices, email, network and cloud services to detect, respond, and more importantly, protect data from risks.

The New Standard in Data Security & Protection

GTB’s Data Security that Workstm for Microsoft Teams is a robust platform designed to help companies deal with issues of compliance, and data threat protection for Microsoft Teams. By accurately identifying and stopping files, text, and binary sensitive data you can feel comfortable permitting free collaboration between employees (internal & remote) and external partners.   

In addition to the native capabilities in Teams, GTB’s Data Security that Workstm platform provides customers the option to enhance Microsoft Teams security with the ability to: 

  • Monitor sensitive and / or confidential data in documents / emails and apply Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels.
  • Monitor, control and protected Teams messages and shared files containing Intellectual Property (IP) and regulated data.
Additional Enterprise DLP Features include:

Enterprise Content-Aware Data Leak Prevention (DLP that Workstm): protect files and text messages including images (OCR) with the most advanced, accurate data detection in the market.

User Behavior Analytics / Insider Threat Management (UBA that Workstm): Identifying suspicious and compromised accounts.

URL Scanning: blocking links within files and messages.

Universal Policy:  off-network Universal Policy Enforcement for all channels.

Remediation: Tombstone sensitive data and quarantining files and messages with sensitive data without the inaccuracies of other solutions.

End-user education and workflow: educate and inform end-users on corporate and cyber policy violations and quarantine requests.


 Data Breaches Stopped!

GTB Data Security that Workstm platform is the superior alternative

  • GTB’s Enterprise DLP and Data Security that WorksTM solutions are comprised of a broad set of integrated DLP facets and solutions cover an expansive set of outbound channels and protocols.
  • GTB’s Intelligent and Advanced detection techniques, such as its unparalleled patented AccuMatchTM fingerprinting engines deliver virtual zero percent false positive/false negative rates, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and Drip-DLP to ensure effectiveness.
  • Ease of deployment & Best Value – per Gartner research clients.
  • See how end-users access, share, and modify data.
  • GTB UBA focuses and reports on data handling by users.
  • GTB’s Content-Aware DRM / IRM (Digital Rights Management) automatically applies rights management controls based on sensitive data.
Forcepoint Investor - Private Equity
"I head the Investment and Strategy team at ###. I have been working closely with Forcepoint,...

They are highly impressed with GTB’s all-in-one DLP solution and its ability to discover, classify, detect, and protect companies from threats in a seamless manner.”
Best in Class Solution!
I am an investor at Bain Capital specializing in cybersecurity and infrastructure ... We have been doing a deep dive into the enterprise data space since our investment in Ata#####, and have found data loss prevention one of the largest pain points. Many firms lack comprehensive data privacy policies and solutions.

We see GTB’s platform as a direct response to address this problem, and we feel it is a best-in-class solution.

Nov. 16, 2022 lkin
City & County of San Francisco
"Each department faces unique regulatory challenges and data security must both protect vital data without interfering with critical business. That's why the City replaced its previous DLP and encryption solution with Avanan Data Protection and Encryption. Within days of deployment, the City saw a 30% improvement in the use of data encryption. " GTB catches the events which others missed! CISO City & County of San Francisco, using GTB Inspector for Data in Motion via GTB OEM Avanan
Best company to work with
GTB continues to be the best company to work with in our entire portfolio. I’m happy for GTB’s great success while still making MIDFLORIDA feel like your most important customer. Please consider me for a reference anytime.
IT Security Manager
Best company to work with
GTB continues to be the best company to work with in our entire portfolio. I’m happy for GTB’s great success while still making MIDFLORIDA feel like your most important customer. Please consider me for a reference anytime.
IT Security Manager
Blue Cross ... Meeting our complicated needs
Over the years, our environment has become increasing complicated as we continue to improve our security and data protection posture. GTB Technologies has demonstrated time and time again its ability to be agile in meeting our needs. We have seen other (larger) companies struggle to understand issues and communicate them within their company to work toward delivering a solution. This has not been the case with GTB.
LA Metro
“Security is a large initiative for LA Metro, as we continue to grow our network and infrastructure to meet our growing needs that support those living, working and exploring LA County,” said Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Senior Director of Engineering Richard Bezjian. “Our existing email protection would simply not be enough on its own to deliver the strength of protection required to identify and stop today’s cyberattacks. SonicWall delivers additional security efficacy with a competitive TCO.” utilizing GTB Inspector for Data in Motion OEM solution
Best DLP Solutions 2021
Best DLP Solutions 2021
Best DLP Solutions Provider 2020
Best DLP Solutions Provider 2020
CISO - Global Financial Institution
I can't wait till you go public to buy your company shares!
Winner 2019 Best DLP Solutions
Winner 2019 Best DLP Solutions, the Global 100 program is a benchmark of the very best industry leaders, exemplary teams and distinguished organisations.
Great Job All
From all the DLP solutions we have seen, yours Stands out and I believe you and the team are in for a great one. The new UI is so impressive. Great Job All
Winner - Top Microsoft Solution Provider 2019
GTB Technologies is the Data Protection solution that can prevent the loss of data from Malware and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data. 2020, January
GTB Gets The W-I-N For DLP In 2019
GTB Technologies was recently crowned the winner of Acquisition International’s cyber security award in the data loss prevention (DLP) category for its anti-malware and insider threat capabilities. AI noted specifically that, “[o]ver the past 14 years, GTB Technologies has delivered unparalleled innovations to the data protection and governance market,” which has culminated in a “data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.”

For these reasons, GTB is a top choice among those who take data protection seriously and is used by major players across industries, including finance, healthcare, defense contractors, and government.
Most Advanced DLP
"GTB has one of the most advanced DLP solutions on the market and we are proud to have them as a partner. As soon as we added them to the Avanan Cloud Security Platform we started seeing our customers testing and then purchasing their solution on our platform" Gil Friedrich, CEO Avanan
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