Microsoft Teams Data Protection that Works

Data Protection for Microsoft Teams

GTB's Data Security that Works Platform offers a comprehensive, intelligent, integrated approach across devices, email, network and cloud services to detect, respond, and more importantly, protect data from risks.

The New Standard in Data Security & Protection

GTB’s Data Security that Workstm for Microsoft Teams is a robust platform designed to help companies deal with issues of compliance, and data threat protection for Microsoft Teams. By accurately identifying and stopping files, text, and binary sensitive data you can feel comfortable permitting free collaboration between employees (internal & remote) and external partners.

In addition to the native capabilities in Teams, GTB’s Data Security that Workstm platform provides customers the option to enhance Microsoft Teams security with:

Enterprise Content-Aware Data Leak Prevention (DLP that Workstm): protect files and text messages including images (OCR) with the most advanced, accurate data detection in the market.

User Behavior Analytics / Insider Threat Management (UBA that Workstm): Identifying suspicious and compromised accounts.

URL Scanning: blocking links within files and messages.

Universal Policy:  off-network Universal Policy Enforcement for all channels.

Remediation: Tombstone sensitive data and quarantining files and messages with sensitive data without the inaccuracies of other solutions.

End-user education and workflow: educate and inform end-users on corporate and cyber policy violations and quarantine requests.


 Data Breaches Stopped!

GTB Data Security that Workstm platform is the superior alternative

  • GTB’s Enterprise DLP that WorksTM platform is comprised of a broad set of integrated DLP facets and solutions cover an expansive set of outbound channels and protocols.
  • GTB’s Intelligent and Advanced detection techniques, such as its unparalleled patented AccuMatchTM fingerprinting engines deliver a virtual zero percent false positive/false negative rates, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and Drip-DLP to ensure effectiveness.
  • Ease of deployment & Best Value – per Gartner research clients.
  • See how end-users access, share and modify data.
  • GTB’s CASB with a Twist offers accurate visibility and control of data within cloud applications including Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others.
  • GTB’s Content-Aware DRM / IRM (Digital Rights Management) automatically applies rights management controls based on sensitive data.
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