What is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification or CMMC?

The Defense Department certification program known as Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, or CMMC, is currently in the final rollout stages. 


The CMMC’s official site describes the protocols as a “comprehensive framework to protect the defense industrial base” from increasingly common cyber threats. 


The certification granted by the Pentagon is expected to be a major credibility boost to any firm that can meet all the CMMC requirements.


So far, several major companies have already signed up to undergo CMMC compliance.


The most basic requirements of CMMC deal with contractor-level data, known technically as Federal Contract Information or FCI. 


The other two tiers of CMMC however, deal almost exclusively with Controlled Unclassified Information or CUI.

The framework requires a combination of annual; self-and third-party assessments on data protection standards.


The top tier of compliance–dubbed “expert level” — covers enhanced requirements for CUI, based on a subset of the National Institute for Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 800-172 protocols, and will require triennial third-party assessments. 


These steps by the Pentagon highlight the increasing emphasis of compliance regiments on DLP and the need for companies to demonstrate they can store, process, and protect their data efficiently and reliably. 


GTB: The Ticket to Compliance 

GTB’s enterprise solutions are designed to provide streamlined and hyper-accurate DLP with the power of artificial intelligence. To address the growing dominance of cloud-based programs and infrastructure, GTB also was designed and developed to operate across a hybrid environment.   


GTB’s Smart Algorithms hone in on CUI by accurately detecting such data and simultaneously providing a seamless user experience through a spectrum of categorization tools. The platform’s detection engines protect data in all states, at rest, and in transit, while virtually eliminating false positives.  Customers use the solutions to educate employees, uncover risks, protect sensitive date while fullfilling its’ compliance, regulatory and cybersecurity needs.


By delivering these capabilities, GTB is an invaluable asset to achieving compliance in today’s digital sphere.



GTB Data Security Benefits for SRM Admins

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