Protect Healthcare Information and Comply with HIPAA HITECH

Locate Protected Health Information (PHI), medical records and other healthcare data.  Once found, automatically classify the data, in real-time. 

Accurately comply with HIPAA and HITECH data discovery rules & regulations without the known False Positive Failures. 

Prepare for HIPAA & HITECH Compliance (PCI, Joint Commission and state privacy regulations) with the markets most precise and easy to use application that searches remote systems either with an agent or without an agent

  • Discover PHI data on and off-premise
  • See what PHI data is leaving the organization (e.g email, Shadow IT, etc.)
  • Control, monitor and prevent PHI data in, up to, or out of the Cloud
  • Audit PHI data being copied to removable media

Train & Educate Employees and Contractors 

  • Protect PHI data without a connection
  • Alert the Administrator when PHI data is sent or copied
  • Classify and Archive  PHI data
  • Notify a user when PHI data is being sent out of the organization (on and off-premise)
  • Prompt for user justification

Continuous Security Policy Assessment

With the most accurate detection available, GTB DLP can register and detect data (including Medical Codes*) from practice management and clinical information systems such as:

  • Cerner
  • Eclipys
  • Epic
  • GE
  • McKesson
  • Siemans
  • Cloud based EHR

*Medical codes such as  ICD-9,  ICD_10, NDC, SNOMED CT, HCPCS  and protocols such as HL7 and ANSI x12 are covered.

As the Leader of DLP Technology, GTB’s detection engines for patterns, keywords, and advanced fingerprint AccuMatch technology are included.  These engines are optional and can be selected based on the type of scan you desire to perform.  Our proprietary technology has eliminated the resource intensiveness of fingerprinting, therefore having an option to utilize more accurate scans based on fingerprinting is an excellent alternative to have in any organization’s security toolkit.

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