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See for yourself why GTB Technologies Data Protection / DLP that Works solutions have been the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for the world’s largest enterprises.  

Use the actual platform – not a ‘canned’ demo.  Typical Installation is less than 30 minutes!   

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Find out Which Threats are within your organization 
  • Where is your data going?
  • Who is sending this data?  An Insider?  Malware?
  • What data is sent?   Is the data encrypted?
  • What protocols/channels are being used?
  • Are your employees compliant with PII, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FERC, GLBA  & others?
  • Are Source Code snippets being sent out?
  • What is posted where it should not be?
  • Who has access to information they should not?
  • Who has access to high-value information?
  • Prioritization of data security and education efforts
How it Works:
You can follow the easy do it yourself instructions, schedule an install session (30 minutes) and arrange the Inspector (a reverse firewall) to passively inspect your traffic & setup detection rules geared to your organization policies Typical Installation is less than 30 minutes.   No downtime or change in control is required.  Analyze your traffic using existing security devices.

GTB Technologies will deliver a risk assessment report showing key metrics and statistics of risk within your organization and build a preliminary Best Practices solution recommendation – specifically tailored to your organization.

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