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As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property, GTB sets the standard by offering the market’s only data security platform that’s proven to stop data breaches.

"100% Catch Rate for Data Leakage? You Bet! ... We give this product our SC LabApproved Rating, the highest recognition we offer"
Peter Stephenson,
SC Magazine

New programs requiring the use of unconventional protocols are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Furthermore, despite company policies forbidding the practice, employees frequently utilize peer to peer applications. Microsoft Networks and similar protocols, initially designed for LAN, are perfectly capable of working over the Internet. Finally, malicious applications (e.g., viruses and worms) can be utilized to transfer data across a broad variety of protocols. So supporting just SMTP, HTTP, FTP and IM is a real limitation and is NOT DLP.  It is essential that the Data Protection system detect rogue connections or unauthorized encryption, terminates the connection and provides remediation.


GTB Technologies is so accurate you can stop data exfiltration (SDX / ADX) on day one.  Start by focusing on the most common and expensive insider threats, such as high-risk workers – including those you know will be departing, organizational changes – including Mergers, Acquisitions, reorganizations, etc.   The above use cases are the most common.

So instead of using “insider threat” solutions which point you on the road to clean up after the breach, why not use a solution which can actually prevent one?

For over 15 years, GTB’s data protection solutions  have provided the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for the world’s largest enterprises. Our solutions  provide  the ability to create, manage & enforce policies based on content &/ context for when, where, how and by whom.  Thus controlling when data can or can’t be moved, either to or from the network &/ devices, both on premise and off premise.


  • Detection, Prevention, and Response 
  • Coverage from on-premises, endpoint, data centers to the cloud
  • Hybrid Deployment
  • Cloud-based (public & private) services
  • Central Management & Reporting
  • 3rd Party Integration tools

Data Loss Prevention is a system that performs real-time data classification of ALL outbound / inbound transmissions from the Network &/ Devices while automatically enforcing security policies on security violations including blocking. The key is to protect the content, not the file. So if the same content resides in multiple files of different formats, the system must still detect it and enforce actions on the transmission.

GTB’s Data Protection Solutions are unique from leading competitors in that it addresses threats from both trusted and untrusted users, discovering data and stopping breaches from applications (such as SAP, Office 365, Oracle eBusiness Suite, EPIC, and other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom applications) and data repositories (such as Microsoft SharePoint, File Shares and others.) With unique patented and patent-pending fingerprinting features, GTB data protection solutions are capable of real-time inspection of all protocols (even those that may be unknown) and have the ability to optionally stop data loss immediately; as opposed to just reporting it.

GTB Technologies’ mission is to lead in both innovation and customer trust. GTB’s Data Protection solutions are comprehensive and offer the essential elements for true data protection including accuracy, support for all protocols and file types, security, and scalability.

Technology Leadership:

Technology which is simple and easy to deploy while being the most powerful within the data protection space.  GTB’s Data Protection that Works platform provides organizations the overall control and visibility needed to manage advanced threats, analyze data, prevent data loss, enforce compliance while protecting the brand and reputation.

Protects structured dataSecures database data – SSNs, CCNs, etc.
Protects unstructured dataSecures digital assets including movie and audio files, pictures, intellectual properties, patent apps, source code, etc.
Protects text and binary dataData format agnostic
Language independent with  Multilingual Detection & UI PresentationCan be deployed internationally
Virtually zero false positive rateProprietary artificial intelligent algorithms provide FPRs & FNRs of ZERO!  Can be deployed in-line or off-line to block transmissions with 100% accuracy*
Sophisticated content rules
definitions, OCR within images, GEO-Location context
Customized security rules aligned with your security policies. I.E.: FISMA, GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
Resilience to data manipulation, I.E. copy-n-paste, excerpting, format conversion, and retypingHighest possible security and precision of monitoring and blocking secure content
Coverage of all network protocols, Endpoints (Mac OS X & Windows)
including SSL, & Cloud apps
No secure content can be leaked
Protects any databaseMeets your enterprise needs and offers easy implementation
Protected data is never duplicated onto the InspectorDuplicating your data would create a security breach in itself
Scalable to outbound network bandwidthNo false negatives
Enterprise Workflow,  Alerts security respondents based on policy and/or severity levelEasy to manage DLP system
Supports TLS and Smart HostsEasy Email Integration
Detects encrypted contentAvoids severe data breaches
Discover, Classify & Inventory Data – with OCRRealtime coverage of Data Repositories, cloud storage, etc.
Advanced Endpoint Protection, Network DLP in a feather light agent, GeoTag / GeoFence, Data Classifier.Coverage for endpoint & applications including POS solutions.  Data Classifier now available.
Advanced Application ControlBlock unauthorized data ex-filtration, White-List & Black-List with ease, continuous visibility and control
Printer Control  Coverage for printers and printer apps
URL FilteringWhite-List & Black-List with ease

Visibility: Accurately, discover sensitive data; detect and address broken business process, or insider threats including sensitive data breach attempts.

Protection: Automate data protection, breach prevention and incident response both on and off the network; for example, find and quarantine sensitive data within files exposed on user workstations, FileShares and cloud storage.

Notification: Alert and educate users on violations to raise awareness and educate the end user about cybersecurity and corporate policies.

Education: Start target cyber-security training; e.g., identify end-users violating policies and train them.

  • Employees and organizations have knowledge and control of the information leaving the organization, where it is being sent, and where it is being preserved.
  • Ability to allow user classification to give them influence in how the data they produce is controlled, which increases protection and end-user adoption.
  • Control your data across your entire domain in one Central Management Dashboard with Universal policies.
  • Many levels of control together with the ability to warn end-users of possible non-compliant – risky activities, protecting from malicious insiders and human error.
  • Full data discovery collection detects sensitive data anywhere it is stored, and provides strong classification, watermarking, and other controls.
  • Delivers full technical controls on who can copy what data, to what devices, what can be printed, and/or watermarked.
  • Integrate with GRC workflows.
  • Reduce the risk of fines and non-compliance.
  • Protect intellectual property and corporate assets.
  • Ensure compliance within industry, regulatory, and corporate policy.
  • Ability to enforce boundaries and control what types of sensitive information can flow where.
  • Control data flow to third parties and between business units.
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