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Shouldn't Your Data Protection Solutions Work?


As an AI language model, ChatGPT itself does not have the capability to prevent IP (Intellectual Property) or sensitive data from leaving a business or organization. ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for various language-related tasks, as it is designed to process and understand natural language but does not have access to or control over external systems or networks.

At GTB, data protection lies at the core of our commitment to enabling employees to harness the full potential of generative AI in a safe and secure manner. Our robust data protection measures ensure that you have complete control over sensitive data, and thus can safely use generative AI within the organization.

Moreover, our cutting-edge data protection system goes beyond just basic control of sensitive data. We employ advanced algorithms and scanning mechanisms to automatically detect and prevent the uploading of any sensitive files to the generative AI platform. This ensures that confidential documents, personal information, and other sensitive data remain within the designated secure environments, shielded from any unauthorized access or potential misuse. Additionally, we have integrated sophisticated features, using intelligent algorithms that automatically and accurately detect and block the pasting of sensitive information into the generative AI interface, thwarting any attempts to inadvertently expose confidential data.

With GTB Data Protection, you can confidently embrace generative AI’s advantages without compromising on the security and privacy of your organization’s most valuable assets.

GTB Answers the Generative AI Problem with Science


Control sensitive data with one single policy. Use policies that are accurate thus eliminating alert fatigue and errors.


powerful encryption to encrypt sensitive emails.

Monitor & Protect

data across multiple files and channels. Extend GTB DLP across multiple channels such as cloud, web, network, endpoint.

Prevent a data breach

Use GTB’s accurate detection engines (with OCR) to detect data exfiltration.


Insider high-risk behavior. Find insider risk across events to remove threats.

Educate & Train

Find Insider Risk across events to remove threats.

“100% Catch Rate for Data Leakage? You Bet!!”
Pete Stephenson
SC Magazine

GTB Data Security Scales

Increased Visibility

One of the key differentiators to the GTB Data Protection System is its proprietary, patented, and patent-pending Data AccuMatch detection and Intelligent Smart Search algorithms.

Discover & Classify sensitive data, Accurately

GTB Data Security that Works increasing sensitive data types list which includes types defined by privacy regulations (GDPR, PCI, PII, NY_DFS, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.).

Cross Platform

Windows, MacOS, Linux; browser and native based.

Automated Data Protection thats Flexible

Discover, Classify, and Protect sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud – accurately and fast. Including detection by fingerprints, EDM, reg-ex, tags, and others.

Central Management

A true GR&C tool, GTB’s Central Console provides enterprise data analytics and advanced enterprise report options via a single pane of glass.

Cloud Delivered or On-premises

Powered by AWS, Azure, Google, or host on-prem; all are elastic and scalable

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