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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  2023, 2022, 2022, 2021, 2020,  or 2019

Where is it?

It’s 2023, so where is the latest Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?  It turns out that the last and final Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) report was published in early Feb. 2017.[i]

That dated report is more than 3 years old!  Why is the report no more? The way it was explained by Gartner – the market has matured and DLP will now be covered by a Market Guide.


What happened? 

Recent Gartner Research concludes that “at this late stage of DLP solution maturity, organizations continue to struggle with DLP deployments. This is primarily due to misrepresentation of the DLP solutions internally within the context of a security program.

In addition, many in the market overstate the simplicity of deployments, the level of out-of-the-box accuracy in identifying content and visibility, and the control over all applications[ii]

We’ve been arguing for years that the inaccurate detection and complexity of those traditional “Gartner Market Leader” DLP solutions will be their downfall and it was.    It took time but Gartner finally started to realize that not all DLP solutions are the same and thus the move to Market guides and “Integrated DLP”.  Gartner Research also stated, “By 2021, 90% of organizations will implement at least one form of integrated DLP, an increase from 50% today,”[iii]


What is integrated DLP?

Integrated DLP is a simple basic set of “DLP” features and is designed to provide a minimal compliance checkbox for SMB organizations, but integrated DLP brings significant implantation, on-going management, detection efficacy, technical support and data loss channel coverage limitations making its DLP an ineffective replacement for an Enterprise DLP solution – even if the only channel you care to monitor is outbound email.


What is Enterprise DLP that Workstm ?

GTB’s data protection that works platform offers modularized data security solutions for those organizations needing to integrate DLP functionality.  A typical use case is an organization using Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud that can easily incorporate GTB’s Cloud DLP, thus adding advanced accurate data fingerprinting, watermarking, and image analysis (OCR).  A typical implementation is up and running in less than 30 minutes!


2023 Leader ..  2017  – 2009 Visionary (without paying analyst fees)   

It’s no wonder that during the 2017 Gartner Symposium, the lead DLP analyst told us that GTB should be mad that the “MQ for DLP has been put to rest as GTB’s solutions work as marketed, and are accurate in its data detection.”  GTB definitely is the ‘market leader’ also 2 of the ‘leader’ vendors would have been knocked out of the top right quadrant given the problems of their solutions.  So those DLP vendors who today, in 2023 claim to be the “Gartner DLP Market Leader” are not being so, transparent?  honest?  who knows, one is even serving Google ads giving away the 2017 Magic Quadrant for DLP report, based on 2016 data;    therefore one must definitely try before you buy.


Conclusion:  the key to true DLP – accuracy, and simplicity

GTB has developed a simple solution to a very complex problem. This includes the ability to easily deploy and manage, create policies that do not interfere with the business process yet still provide advanced security to prevent a breach from multiple scenarios such as an innocent mistake from an un-informed employee to a potential malware attack leaking data through a random port & channel.

Remember, event reviewing is the most tedious and time consuming for traditional DLP solutions.  GTB developed and patented technologies that provide a more modern approach to DLP with accurate events and one that is the easiest to deploy enabling true data breach prevention and data protection.

2023 Winner – Best Data Loss Prevention Solutions Provider

Contact us for a free Gartner Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Vendor Comparison Review which will compare DLP vendors.  Learn about data security and DLP vendors, whose services are Data Loss Prevention, EDR, UEBA, Data Classification, Data Discovery, File Audit.

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