Intellectual Property Protection (IP)

Intellectual Property Protection (IP)

Critical Assets Require Intellectual Property Protection

The most important asset of any company is its Intellectual Property (IP).  Trade secrets, hardware designs, software source code, Rich Media Content, deployment schemes, pricing, business plans, agreements, etc. Unfortunately, it is also the most vulnerable property. An inattentive or malicious employee may expose or send out any secure document or Content (maliciously or unintentionally) and no one in the organization would know. These documents may reside in multiple locations on your network and need protection.

It’s not news that malware, viruses and other malicious applications are being used to transfer data across a broad variety of protocols. Cloud providers permit individuals to create powerful “private Cloud” computing environments.These environments permit individuals to copy data from their own home or work machine to their “virtual Cloud” machine with a simple “drag & drop”, “cut & paste”. Such actions are mostly done utilizing the HTTPS protocol but often some use Secure RDP. What happens when a disgruntled employee or malicious insider wants to send out your product development plans or source code?

Current DLP Solutions

The current, out of data Data Loss Prevention models, developed in large part to focus on compliance are not adequate enough to address Intellectual Property  and Trade Secret protection issues.

Confidential data must be protected. But you can not simply lock this data away in some super secure database and throw away the keys!   Employees must have access to this content to view, edit, collaborate, exchange and use it.

GTB Technologies: Get The Best 

As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property protection, GTB Technologies has solved the known market limitation of false positive rate detection.  The GTB Data Loss Prevention solution provides real-time, accurate detection and data classification of Intellectual Property (e.g. source code) on servers, laptops, workstations, cloud storage repositories and thru the network whether on-premise or off-premise.

Policies are enforced, such as the prevention of source code being transferred out of control of the Enterprise. GTB DLP provides the most secure avenue to transfer files (both within and outside the corporate network) to internal groups/teams & 3rd party developers.

Being completely transparent, GTB’s DLP that Works platform will block attempts to transmit anything in violation of your security policy – including Rich Media Content, source code and executable files.


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