Global Financial Institution delivers compliance to GDPR and CCPA

Case Study

Global Financial Institution delivers compliance to GDPR & other regulations including CCPA

Industry:        Finance

Account:        Global Financial Institution

GDPR, NYDFS, CCPA. auditing and compliance

Data.    management and security

Visibility.   of data in motion, at rest and data in use

Education. of end-users

The Challenge

The financial sector is plagued with risks from both cyber threats and greater pressure from compliance regulators, this global financial institution must ensure that it’s data is protected from a wide range of potential threats.  With increased governance regarding data protection and revised privacy laws such as GDPR requirements, NYDFS & the upcoming CCPA;  this financial institutions’ customers expect their PII data to be properly identified, managed and protected.

The Solution

  • Visibility of data: GTB’s File Share Audit solution, the Auditor offers granular visibility into file activity across all file / data stores at the end user level.
  • Data management, education and security: GTB Data Protection that Works solutions provide detailed, customized protection from data exfiltration, identifying risky behavior – file access, deletion or transfer – that could indicate a cyber attack or data theft while educating the end user.
  • GDPR auditing and compliance: GTB Data Discovery with classification, provides the unique ability to accurately find, sort, classify and secure  sensitive data.  Detailed reporting based on content provides intelligence on data affected by GDPR and other privacy regulations, such as CCPA, which helps ensure compliance readiness and assists in the tedious auditing process.

The company featured in this  case study asked not to be named per corporate policy, privacy and NDA constraints

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