Securing Sensitive Data from the Insider

Securing Sensitive Data from the Insider Threat

How secure is your data?  Do you REALLY know?

  • Big Data security, are you covered? Are you asking the right questions when it comes to security?
  • CCPA is near, now what?
  • GDPR is here, are you prepared?
  • NY DFS is here, have you prepared?
  • IOT? Do you know how to prepare?
  • Edge Computing data, is it secured?
  • Air Gap networks?  is data exfiltrated?


As a recent Gartner report states, ” Specifically, the ability of an insider threat solution to relate human behaviors to data exfiltration is the key value... Without knowing much about the data in question, an insider threat solution can detect — more often fairly early — that data is, or is about to be, misused and possibly stolen from the organization*

GTB Data Protection that Works platform has the unique ability to tie user behavior to data exfiltration … ACCURATELY and prevent the data from leaving.

Want to learn how to:

  • Detect insider threats
  • Streamline investigations
  • Stop data exfiltration
  • Find new ways to make your data loss prevention program successful - without the meaningless events plagued by existing solutions
  • Be prepared for new & upcoming compliance and regulatory initiatives
  • Understand how to prevent data loss from the inside


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* Gartner Market Trends: UEBA Providers Must Embrace Specialization, Published 31 May 2019 - ID G00385712 , Author: Eric Ahlm  Sr Director Analyst, Gartner