MSP for Compliance & Regulatory Data Protection Program

MSP for Compliance & Regulatory Data Protection Program


Regulation and Compliance Data Protection MSP Program

Can your organization meet compliance and regulation requirements?  

We've created the DLP for Intellectual Property Market, Pioneered the DLP for Compliance Market and re-invented the Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Marketplace, now our unique technology is available to organizations regardless of the size.

Reduce Cost of Ownership ... Improve your Security Posture

Simplify your network and reduce the total cost of ownership by utilizing GTB's Enterprise Managed Security Services (MSSP).   Outsource some or all of  your Data Protection / DLP operations.

Relax, we've got you covered ... We do it all for you!  Discover, Classify and Protect sensitive data

Sensitive data is accurately identified, classified & protected on-premises and off, including cloud apps.

The GTB Technologies MSP for Compliance Data Protection Advantage  ...  Accurate, Intelligent  Detection coupled with Protocol Coverage and Industry Data Protection expertise

Some of our differentiating services:

  • Discover, Classify, Inventory Regulatory data such a PCI, PHI, PII
  • Audit, Monitor and Protect - including off-line protection (an industry first)
  • Cloud Storage
  • Complete Data Visibility with proprietary intelligent detection
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • OCR capability
  • Redaction capability
  • Incident  Management
  • Scheduled weekly meetings for fluid policy set review and generation
  • 24 / 7 coverage - worldwide
  • Employee Education


MSP for Endpoint Protection & EDR
 MSP for Network DLP


From a Data Protection perspective, no one competes!

GTB's Managed Enterprise data protection services are comprised of products & services from security analysts with expertise in best practices for not only data security but also in process and workflow improvement.

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