Data Protection & Data Security for Government Procurement Agencies

Data Protection & Data Security for Government Procurement Agencies

Are you in compliance with the revised Office of Management and Budget Circular A-130, the Cybersecurity National Action Plan, the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan, the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, the Government Paperwork Elimination Act and the E-Sign Act of 2000?

GTB Technologies  provides optimal solutions for federal, state, and / or local government agencies. Our platforms and solutions will support all your data and information protection needs on a limited budget.   

GTB Data Security solutions have information protection offerings which:

  • can identify and mitigate information that is deemed inappropriate for many Federal environments (e.g.  FedRAMP 2 – scan data for markings/contents that identify files/content as FOUO, PII, HIPAA, Classified, etc.), and the Government of Canada Network Solutions Supply Chain (NSSC) initiative.
  • perform deep packet inspection (data in motion) and content inspection (data at rest).
  • remedial actions include log, alert, redact and protect identified breaches in unauthorized information, quarantining of unauthorized data, log access to folder by users, and privilege escalation events.

GSA,  Government of Canada Network Solutions Supply Chain (NSSC)  initiative pricing available.

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