Reasons Why Enterprises Use GTB Technologies for Data Protection

Reasons Why Enterprises Use GTB Technologies for Data Protection

With the known exponential increase of advanced threats, consumer cloud usage and malware, IT departments have a difficult time maintaining compliance, protecting Intellectual Property and sensitive assets while permitting collaboration and increasing productivity among employees and business associates.

Protect the Data - Anywhere, Anytime

By utilizing some or all of the GTB Technologies Data Protection modules, organizations are able to collaborate and secure data assets seamlessly from both within or outside their premises.

  1. Protect Data Assets at the Granular Level
  2. Retain Control & Visibility
  3. Unlock Collaboration – Secure Sharing of sensitive data
  4. Illuminate & Eliminate unauthorized applications
  5. Off-Line Fingerprint Detection - The only solution to accurately detect off-line without the need to "phone home"
  6. Move Faster to the Cloud 

Data Protection for Intellectual Property & Compliance

As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property and pioneer of DLP for Compliance, GTB's Data Protection DLP that Works Platform is the go to solution which  provide  the ability to create, manage & enforce security policies based on content &/ context for when, where, how and by whom;  thereby controlling when data can or can't be moved, either to or from the network &/ devices, both on premise and off premise.  GTB's Data Protection that WorksTM solutions have the unparalleled ability to find sensitive data, in real-time, stored in virtually any location and file format with virtually zero false positives!

Some of GTB's Competitive Advantages:

  • Only Data Protection solution not "hampered by false positive" events
  • Only Enterprise Data Protection solution which takes 20 minutes to be up and running with Complete visibility on networks, endpoints and within cloud storage
  • Only solution created to protect the most difficult data protection use cases
  • Only solution offered by the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property
  • Only solution to accurately detect data in any language - including right to left languages
  • Only solution with native Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detection for both Data in Motion (Network DLP) and Data Discovery
  • Only solution with integrated Data Classification and Watermarking
  • Only solution with  integrated Content Aware Digital Rights Management / Information Rights Management
  • Only solution to offer Off-Line Fingerprint Detection -  accurately detect off-line without the need to "phone home"
  • Only solution with the ability to extend Data Loss Prevention solutions such as:
    • Symantec DLP,
    • Forcepoint / Websense DLP,
    • Intel /  McAfee DLP
    • RSA DLP
    • Code Green DLP
  • Most extensive controls to stop data egress/ingress, data sprawl
  • Analytics to help understand user behavior and data exposures throughout the organization and beyond the perimeter
  • Single platform with lightweight agent or agentless for DLP, Advanced Threat (ATP), Compliance, Data Discovery , Cloud Storage, Shadow IT Elimination, Application White-listing
  • Broadest platform coverage: Windows, Mac, Linux, Native Cloud apps, Cloud storage and CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers)
  • Tamper resistant agent
  • Only Data Protection (DLP & APT) offered As A Service including on premises and hybrid deployment modes to AWS / Azure
  • Azure, BOX, Dropbox, Google Apps, Google Drive, Office 365, Salesforce ...
  • Easy to Deploy, Simple to Use ... Flexible enough to address future requirements
  • Managed Option:  Full MSSP or Hybrid
  • Used by the Who's Who of Global Enterprises, Governments & Organizations
  • Unlike other solutions, GTB Technologies solutions have Minimal Operational Overhead ...  you do NOT need a staff of “DLP experts“ to implement or operate, nor receive a system which is  inundated with thousands of meaningless events.


What we liked: This product provides real granularity and reliability in catching data leakage. When using fingerprinted data, the catch rate is 100 percent, and no comparison data is saved.

What we didn't like: Nothing. This is a first rate product with some real innovations.
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