DLP that Works for Healthcare Session

Healthcare Providers, how are you managing your third party risk?

HIPAA DLPAll Healthcare providers and covered entities contract with business associates who have access to PHI data.   The Ponemon sixth annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, sponsored by ID Experts, had shown that of 91 surveyed HIPAA-covered entities and 84 business associates that handle patient data, 89% suffered healthcare data breaches.

In this private session, join us for a look at how healthcare organizations are managing their third party risk with GTB’s DLP that Works for Healthcare Platform.  GTB’s DLP for Healthcare continuously monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic (on-premises and off, including cloud apps); notifying the user or administrator when it identifies sensitive information that is being transmitted in violation of policy (e.g.  unencrypted or via an unsecured medium such as Gmail) and enforces corporate policies – accurately and in real-time.

Other topics include how simple it is to get an Enterprise DLP solution integrated into the organizations landscape.  GTB’s DLP that works platform comes with HIPAA policies and recognizes medical data right out of the box.  See how easy it is to add new types of policies and data definitions.

Learn from the healthcare DLP / data protection experts.

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