OCR & DLP for Document Imaging

OCR & DLP for Document Imaging

OCR for Document Imaging

As breaches continue to make headlines, it’s apparent that existing, outdated, legacy data security solutions just don’t work. So how does one build an effective Data Loss Prevention program that understands and accounts for the nuances of data leakage?

All types’ of intellectual property and regulatory data (e.g. PHI, PCI, ITAR, GDPR and the like) reside within scanned and imaged documents. This data must be accounted for in any comprehensive Data Protection and / GRC program, so how can you protect against data extrusion via imaged documents?

How can you block sensitive data being sent within those imaged files to unapproved personal cloud storage locations such as AWS, BOX, Dropbox, the BYOC problem, storage devices OR simply meeting privacy compliance regulations, EVEN IF the data is SSL encrypted, either on-premises or off-premises?

Intelligent Protection

One must go beyond the old way of reactionary security to a more intelligent way of detection and protection.

Learn how to build or improve your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program to empower your end-users while protecting your sensitive data that’s hidden within scanned imaged documents.

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