Cybersecurity Best Practices for Global Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)


Data Security Best Practices for Global Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Cloud providers today make it very easy for anyone to create powerful computing environments in the cloud.  The BYOC (bring your own cloud) Users now have a multitude of choices to choose from Windows, Unix and other VM machines.  Such computers are created in a virtual environment and take only minutes to create. Malware phoning home, the cause of many notable breaches and the list goes on….

How is an organization able to monitor such activities, stay Compliant and Block valuable Data from being copied? 

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Here are a few suggested GRC Best Practices:

[spacer]  Be aware of the data that is being sent out of your control

either to an employee’s cloud, the organizations own cloud, an employees’ flash drive, malware “phoning home” or via any of the 65,000+ available channels.  It only takes a few seconds for a trusted employee or untrusted entity (e.g. malware) to send data such as PII or PCI to the cloud, violating compliance regulations &/ or policy.

You need to understand and know what data was sent, from where and to where it’s going.  GTB’s Data Classification & Data Discovery tools help monitor, identify, detect & prevent odd or suspicious data movements.

[spacer]  Know what data you can send out of the network and where to.  

When data travels cross borders, as it does so often, the risk increases on an exponential basis for the data owner.

[spacer]  Illuminate & Eliminate Shadow IT

Our Data Protection solution  is the most effective & accurate way to handle data protection, from Intellectual Property theft  or just meeting privacy compliance regulations such as those in  Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Singapore, Australia, Japan,  Taiwan, China, Mexico, the list goes on.

[spacer]  Detection accuracy

ensures you protect the correct data with the proper control and be alerted to irregular activity.  Some data needs to be blocked, some just encrypted while other information can leave without any issue.   Legacy “DLP” solutions cannot accurately provide both the content & context awareness to respond.   GTB’s Data Protection Suite Does.  GTB Technologies Market Leading DLP Platform


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