Illuminate and Eliminate Shadow IT With GTB StealthfenceTM

The use of consumer apps by employees is growing with the rise of BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) BYOD and BYOx. Forrester Research recently reported that many view Shadow IT as problems that are "here to stay and cannot be ignored"and were a major threat to their organization's security.   Our research has shown there's currently over 10,000 Cloud sites within reach by anyone with internet access.

CASB (Cloud access security broker) solutions cannot control cloud usage and are unable to provide accurate control of sensitive data.

So what options do you have to keep PII, ePHI, or PCI data secure?

gtb shield es 2016GTB’s DLP for Shadow IT, StealthfenceTM provides you with the necessary tools which will help take control of your sensitive data and virtually eliminate Shadow IT from your organization.

With StealthfenceTM you will:

- Discover the presence of Shadow IT (unsanctioned services and data) and Shadow Data and understand the implications for global risk, governance, and compliance.

- Place visibility and security controls between users and the cloud-based services they consume to protect sensitive data.

- Discover and analyze data in the cloud.


- Protect sensitive data from unauthorized, malicious or unintentional data leaks.

A Market First

Our patented, proprietary technology is able to prevent the syncing of sensitive data to unsanctioned or private cloudswhile allowing its users to automatically identify “sync folders” on workstations.

Quick and Simple

GTB's proprietary system accurately monitors and/or blocks sensitive content being sent to these 'sync' folders based on policy.   GTB Stealthfence monitors and prevents users from syncing sensitive work files from their desktop to their personal accounts from cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive and many more; with unrivaled accuracy.

Another unique, unmatched feature is the ability to automatically and accurately implement Information Rights Management on such files, based on sensitive content, in order to gain full access controls to its content.

Other important StealthfenceTM features include:

  • Native Cloud Data Classification and Discovery for Dropbox, Box, Azure, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive and many more cloud sites (optional).
  • Control data from apps such as Shareit
  • Options for automatic encryption and file level access controls
  • Cross-Cloud coverage
  • Clipboard control
  • Snipping Tool control
  • User Analytics
  • Remediation
  • Real-time
  • Accurate Detection
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