Data Security as a Service

Enterprise Data Protection / DLP SaaS

Protect data while reducing CAPEX AVAILABLE ON AWS, AZURE, AND GOOGLE 
For both SMB and Enterprises

Enterprise Data Security as a Service

An easy-to-deploy, less expensive alternative for resource-constrained security and IT team


With core strengths in the accurate detection of data, channel coverage, and data protection capabilities, along with the ability to quickly deploy and scale in order to meet the needs of growing organizations of any size; is the reason why GTB’s Software as a Service is considered the “go-to” service for data protection.

Protect critical information, networks and uncover increasingly complex cyber threats with GTB’s advanced cloud-based security and advanced threat protection software. We’ve re-invented the Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Marketplace, now our unique technology is available to organizations regardless of the size. Have control of data while taking advantage of the collaboration & cost-saving benefits of the cloud, at a fraction of the cost and without being “hampered by thousands of irrelevant events“.

So simplify your security and reduce the total cost of ownership by utilizing GTB’s Data Protection as a Service. It’s easy to use and can be implemented immediately. It’s a no-fuss approach to Data Protection.  Plus, there’s no appliance to install.

Full Enterprise Data Protection

  • Data in Motion – Network DLP
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Data Discovery with Realtime Data Classification
  • Cloud Data Protection – for sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services
  • Data Visibility
  • Data Control
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Application Control – with Application Whitelisting & Blacklisting
  • all done at the Endpoint including off-network detection!

Some of GTB’s  Data Protection as a Service Advantages

Works Both On and Off-Network, Install in 5 Minutes or Less, Our Cloud or Yours


  • Fingerprint your data – no need for inaccurate, imprecise pattern matching, regular expressions, data dictionaries, Meta-data, tagging, etc!
  • Support Multi-Terra bytes of data & Hundreds of millions of Database records, without Network Degradation
  • Lowest TCO
  • Fastest time to Value – just point and click
  • Blocking of sensitive data, Geo-location awareness
  • Advanced Persistent Threat protection
  • SSL decryption, detection of encrypted data
  • Detect & Defend against Targeted Cyber Attacks, Slow data leaks (Drip DLP)
  • Data Governance


Deployment Options

GTB’s Cybersecurity solutions are modular and provide enterprises the ability to analyze and control data from a myriad of sources— laptops, database exchanges, cloud services, such as Amazon Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Cloud, Google Docs, Google Drive, Office 365, OneDrive, Salesforce, SAP and more, to Shadow IT (BYOx), email, instant messengers, social media, websites and even malware or cyber espionage insiders “phoning home” data, such as in the recent Sony and Anthem data breaches.



  • As a Service via the GTB Cloud
  • On-Premises
  • Hybrid or Fully Managed:  AWS / Azure / Google

GTB Data Security Scales

Increased Visibility

One of the key differentiators to the GTB Data Protection System is its proprietary, patented, and patent-pending Data AccuMatch detection and Intelligent Smart Search algorithms.

Discover & Classify sensitive data, Accurately

GTB Data Security that Works increasing sensitive data types list which includes types defined by privacy regulations (GDPR, PCI, PII, NY_DFS, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.).

Cross Platform

Windows, MacOS, Linux; browser and native based.

Automated Data Protection thats Flexible

Discover, Classify, and Protect sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud – accurately and fast. Including detection by fingerprints, EDM, reg-ex, tags, and others.

Central Management

A true GR&C tool, GTB’s Central Console provides enterprise data analytics and advanced enterprise report options via a single pane of glass.

Cloud Delivered or On-premises

Powered by AWS, Azure, Google, or host on-prem; all are elastic and scalable

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