Enterprise Data Protection Central Management & Command

Enterprise Data Protection Central Management & Command Center

Define, Monitor, Control Risks & Enforce Policies Consistently Across Your Environment from just a single pane of glass

GTB’s Central Console, an interactive, centralized security, risk, and compliance management platform for GTB’s Data Security and Data Loss Prevention that WorksTM Platform.

By associating and combining metrics for point solutions, such as DLP and Insider Threat into an interactive dashboard, GTB is the only solution that provides actionable, accurate data in real-time along with providing a complete view of your data security position.

Bringing visibility to sensitive data

Centrally manage data security risks, policies and controls across different operating environments, endpoints, applications, and cloud applications including unstructured, semi-structured and structured repositories or silos.

  • Automated Advanced Access Controls
  • Complete Analytic and Audit-ability including forensic data
  • Complete Visibility with support for regulatory and privacy mandates
  • Policy & Configuration Management for groups and / or individuals
  • Integrated Robust Incident Response & Workflow 
    • Collect and Manage Data and Transactions
    • Communicate, Notify and Escalate
    • Illuminate and Rank Incidents for Immediate Remediation 
    • Interactive with the End-User to both educate about cyber-security / corporate governance policies and remediate potential incidents including breaches
  • SIEM Integration with Industry leading tools such as HP ArcSight® and Splunk®
  • LDAP Integration and synchronization
  • Pre-built Policy Templates
  • Data Security Policies managed and controlled across multiple data silos
    • Network Traffic Analysis and Response
    • Data Ex-filtration Analysis and Response
    • Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Application Controls and Analysis
  • Enterprise Reporting, right out of the box

A true GR&C tool, GTB’s Central Console Control Center provides enterprise data analytics and advanced enterprise report options.  GTB’s Central Console enables the management of advanced threat and data protection policies and controls across all endpoints, distributed environments including AWS / Azure, data silos, data repositories, cloud apps, services and storage, on-premises network and storage systems; while streamlining administration and providing more consistent policy enforcement.

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