Data Loss Prevention – Protect and Control Your Sensitive Data

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) / Protection?

Data Loss Prevention is defined as a system which performs Real-Time Data Classification on Data at Rest and in Motion while automatically enforcing data security policies.  Data in Motion is data going to the cloud, internet, devices or the printer.

What is Data Loss Detection (DLD)?

A system which performs inspection and reports what violations have occurred!!

Why GTB Technologies?  ... GTB’s Nex-Gen Data Loss Prevention Solutions Work


 1 Most Accurate Detection and Control over the broadest set of Channels

With virtually an FPR & FNR of ZERO – in REAL-TIME, our solution is the technology leader.  Protecting on premises, off premises and the cloud whether it be Mac, Linux or Windows; our Data Loss Prevention Security engine accurately detects structured & unstructured data at the binary level.  GTB is the only Data Loss Prevention solution that accurately protects data when off the network.

 GTB is the Superior Alternative to Traditional DLP

 2 Advanced Endpoint Protection

OPSWAT Certified OFF-Premise, real-time Fingerprint Detection!!    No other solution can   Control Sensitive Content, SSL w/o a proxy, POS, Social Media, Email and Applications such as BOX, Dropbox, Google, Office & more!

 3 Data Discovery, eDiscovery and Data Classification – Automatic and in Real-time - with OCR Detection !!

Discover, Identify, Classify, Inventory, Index, Redact, Re-mediate, Index, Control & Protect your data including: PII, PCI, PHI,  IP, Unstructured Data, Structured Data, FERC, NERC, SOX, GLBA & more

 4 Integrated Content Aware Digital Rights Management

GTB IRM is a Context & Content-Aware IRM / DRM system providing organizations a comprehensive access control to sensitive data for internal and external constituent

5  Eliminate Shadow IT  

A MARKET FIRST  PLUG CYBERSECURITY BLINDSPOTS   Our patent pending, proprietary technology is able to prevent the syncing of sensitive data to unsanctioned or private clouds, while allowing its users to automatically identify “sync folders” on workstations.

 6 Unified Data Centric Policy Approach

Our technology provides organizations with solutions which offer the overall control and visibility needed to manage advanced threats, analyze data, prevent data loss, enforce compliance while protecting the brand and reputation.

7GTB Technologies is the creator of DLP for IP (Intellectual Property) & Compliance

Our technology is simple and easy to deploy yet it is the most powerful data protection solution available