How to Build An Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Program that Works

Ask the DLP Expert Series:  

How to Build an Enterprise DLP Program

About this webinar

Struggling with existing DLP programs?  Inundated with alert fatigue? You’re not alone.   According to Gartner, DLP is challenging, with DLP policies hampering usual business activities.   Gartner analysts “often see Gartner clients struggling to reach the block mode in DLP, and if they do, it’s just for a small number of use cases”*

Our experts have helped many organizations that are besieged and overwhelmed with their existing DLP programs.    During this session, we’ll cover data protection subjects including

  • What is DLP that Works?
  • Data Loss Prevention best practices
  • How to effectively implement an Enterprise DLP program
  • Rapid ROI, (deployment in minutes versus months)
  • Out-of-the-box rules, metadata, and customizable reports

*Client Question Video: How Can We Effectively Implement a Data Loss Prevention Tool? 

Published 9 July 2021 – ID G00747277   By Analyst(s): Ravisha Chugh

Join us and bring your questions to ask a GTB DLP that Works Expert. 

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