Overcome the pitfalls in data classification programs

Overcome the pitfalls in data classification programs

According to Gartner Research “Most data classification implementations continue to be unexpectedly complex and fail to produce practical results.  CISOs and information security leaders should simplify schemes, leverage tools and allow for implementation flexibility to make classification valuable for the entire organization.”[1]

Strengthen Classification Programs

Many organizations are augmenting their existing Data Labeling and Monitoring (DLM) software, e.g. Titus Labs, Bolden James, Spirion, etc with GTB’s Data Misclassifier in order to improve the integrity and confidentiality of their sensitive and confidential data stored throughout the organization and within various data silos – including the cloud.

Complete Visibility, Accurate Detection

With GTB’s Misclassifiertm, customers are confident enough to enforce the blocking and quarantining of data that is inappropriately labeled (misclassified) and / or violates specific corporate policies and rules thus enabling the sharing of data with collaborative partners when appropriate.

Scanned Documents

See how GTB’s unique detection algorithms are able to accurately find sensitive data within scanned documents and apply the correct classification – a market first!

Don’t have a Data Classification Solution?

GTB’s Data Classifier auto-classifies an email or files based on Data Governance. User Mode forces a user (content creator and/or data owner) to classify the data


[1] How to Overcome Pitfalls in Data Classification Initiatives  Refreshed: 06 February 2019 | Published: 11 March 2016 ID: G00298898  Analyst(s): Marc-Antoine Meunier | Eric Ouellet

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