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Go Beyond Traditional File Monitoring Solutions

 with the Auditortm

GTB Technologies file share monitoring solution, the Auditortm, let’s organizations focus on the continuous monitoring of file user activities – based on the end user and the content which aids in the identification, tracking and alerting on suspicious end user file activity.  GTB’s the Auditor helps in the determination of whether your organization is at risk of a data breach, insider threat or just not meeting compliance requirements.

the Auditortm, is file share agnostic, supports any file-share storage and focuses on the continuous monitoring of file user activities, including identifying suspicious or malicious activity.

File activities include: Read, Write, Modify, Rename, Copy, Attach, Move, Delete, Execute, and more.

Some of the Auditor’s many use cases:

Track, Alert and Prevent Data Exfiltration

Track, Alert and Prevent Data Downloads from Internal data silos and/or the cloud

Focus on the End-user / file share, not the file extension

The Auditor is unique with the ability to accurately focus on the End-user /  file share,  not the file extensions thus allowing organizations to protect their intellectual property, including design documents, source code, manufacturing plans, and drug patent applications.  Many times, these types of Intellectual property is created in custom-built or industry-specific applications, so they have unique file extensions.



Movement of sensitive data is controlled to and / from any file share


Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Focusing on file extensions creates the dreaded “alert fatigue” due to the increase in false-positive events.  By focusing on the content, the Auditor is able to accurately track, monitor, and protect important and sensitive data as the end-user moves it.

Know your end-user 

Understand your blind spots and see what your end users are doing with your sensitive data, then take action

Determine Access related risks

GTB improves traditional role-based access control (RBAC) with adaptive access control (conditional access control)



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