GTB Technologies Expands its Advanced Application Control across its Data Loss Prevention and Data Protection Platforms

Advanced Application Control across the GTB Technologies Data Loss Prevention and Data Protection Platforms

This week GTB Technologies, Inc., the leading Independent Data Protection Company and Gartner Visionary, announced the availability of its Application Control module though out its’ entire Enterprise Data Loss Prevention that Works, Data Discovery with Data Classification & Data Protection platforms.

GTB DLP EndpointThis latest release has incorporated GTB’s Advanced Application Control features across its many data protection modules.  The expansion of Application Control will help GTB’s Enterprise DLP and Data Discovery customers improve their business collaboration while maintaining data security and compliance.

“Advanced threats are creating an increasingly difficult environment to protect an organization’s brand, intellectual property and critical assets.  Centrally managed, GTB’s Application control solution uses GTB’s proven intelligent algorithms to protect sensitive data from unknown, advanced persistent threats by identifying and controlling both authorized and unauthorized applications.” said Wendy Cohen, GTB’s Global Cloud Practice Director.  “For the past 12 years, GTB has consistently raised the data loss prevention bar by providing technology leadership such as its unique ability to accurately restrict data ex-filtration based on content and context within corporate policies” continued Cohen.

Some Unique Benefits & Features

  • Educate end users with precise notifications
  • Dynamic White-listing / Blacklisting that’s not labor intensive
  • Examine network traffic
  • Block unauthorized data ex-filtration
  • Block unauthorized applications
  • Printer Control
  • Stop Complex threats
  • Continuous Visibility – detect  all applications
  • Centralized view of all applications running
  • Centrally Managed via the GTB Central Console Platform

With seamless integration to its Enterprise Data Protection suite and DLP that Works Platform, GTB’s application control solution is an effective way to stop complex threats, protect sensitive data from ex-filtration and identify unauthorized applications.



For over 12 years, GTB Technologies’ Next Generation Data Protection that Work Platforms have been guarding  the critical assets within  millions of terabytes – Worldwide – in any language; by delivering  Data Loss Prevention, APT protection, SSL decryption, Application, Cloud with Shadow IT Control, Policy Management with Threat Intelligence. GTB’s proprietary intelligent algorithms deliver, in real-time, unmatched detection accuracy and channel coverage, with visibility and control at both the binary and text levels from within and out of the enterprise, through the cloud and social media; with the comfort that sensitive, confidential data remains just that … Confidential.  Learn how at

GTB’s hybrid offering (cloud service & on-premises solutions) enable operations teams to manage policies from a single console in both directions (cloud to on-premise and on-premise to the cloud) with added discovery for cloud applications that are either sanctioned or unsanctioned (BYOC).

GTB’s Advanced Enterprise Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Endpoint Protection, Data Discovery & Cybersecurity products really do work and are the only Data Protection solutions which can:

  • Perform Real-Time, Accurate Data Classification on Data at Rest & Data in Motion while automatically enforcing data security policies
  • Off-Premise Fingerprint detection, no need to “phone home” (no one else can)
  • Support & fingerprint (the most precise detection engine) Multi Tera Bytes of data without “choking” or network degradation
  • Perform partial file match on Binary data such as Audio, Video, Executable, etc. regardless of file size including OCR detection.
  • Provide coverage for all 65,000+ channels, plus SMB/CIFS/SAMBA transfers
  • Controls Wireless (WiFi), Encrypted data, POS, Social Media, Email, and Applications such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive & more; both on-premises, off-premises and in the cloud.
  • Content Aware Information Rights / Digital Rights Management
  • Advanced Application Control


End users looking to try GTB’s #dlpthatworks solutions can obtain an evaluation license at



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