Gartner Summit, Data Protection & GTB DLP

This year at the Gartner Security & Risk Summit GTB Technologies will be showcasing the latest additions to its next generation data protection solutions including:


The GTB Data Classifier


The GTB Endpoint Protector for Enterprise DLP now offers the following major feature: – The GTB Data Classifier.  Powered by GTB’s patented intelligent detection engines, this lightweight agent is automatic and user driven. GTB Data Classifier has 2 classification modes, System and User based. System mode auto-classifies an email or files based on Data Governance. User Mode forces a user (content creator and / or data owner) to classify the data. – Full TCP scanning including SSL decryption – Full Data Discovery at rest – Full Device controls – Full Application Control including white-listing and black-listing.

Cloud DLP for Avanan; GTB’s CASB with a Twist TM

The addition of GTB’s Cloud DLP into Avanan creates the most comprehensive DLP solution for a CASB Cloud Governance solution; providing the most accurate data recognition, visibility and control of Enterprise clouds. Supported platforms include Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Sales Force, Google Drive, Slack, Egnyte, Shadow IT and 50 others.

GTB’s Cloud DLP for Avanan performs advanced intelligent analysis for incoming and outgoing cloud data, whether in streams or files, providing its users the most accurate content visibility & control over data / files in SaaS PaaS applications; preventing data breaches, safeguards intellectual property, ensures regulatory compliance

Crypt-N-ChiveTM, the smart data encryption archive solution

GTB’s Crypt-N-ChiveTM solution automates data inventory and migration, accurately, per custom information life-cycle / data life-cycle management policies while extending data protection rules and strategies.

Powered by GTB Technologies’ patented Discovery and Content Aware SDKs for Data at Rest, in Use and in Motion; the industry’s only data detection engines with virtually zero false positive / false negative detection rates.

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