GDPR, Article 17: The Right of Erasure – Can you Comply?



Attendees of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Will Learn to Defend Against Malware Data Exfiltration & How to Comply with EU GDPR Article 17, “The Right to Erasure”

With the exponential rise in the volume of data stored within an organization, the increase of privacy and data protection regulations such as the fast-approaching EU GDPR, and the fact that EU citizens will now have the ability to require an organization to erase their data (Article 17, the right to erasure); organizations will need a solution that can accurately locate, categorize, and classify the wide array of company data types.
Being the leader of DLP for Intellectual Property, the GTB Technologies Data Protection “DLP that Works” platform permit companies to stay in control of all their data, whether it’s located on company systems or in the cloud, at rest, in use or in motion, including data exfiltration from insider threats and malware, giving organizations the unsurpassed ability to achieve seamless compliance with even the most demanding regulations.

4 easy ways to connect with GTB Technologies during 

The Gartner Security & Risk Summit 2018

1.   Attend our SessionGDPR, Article 17: The Right of Erasure – Can you Comply?   Monday June 4, Monday June 4, 2018 6:30 PM- 6:55 PM  Theater 3, Exhibit Showcase, Prince George’s Hall D, Atrium Level  TH19
2.  Let’s talk! Visit the DLP that Works booth #645, to get your questions answered by our data protection experts.
3.  Meet our execs – GTB Data Protection executives and product experts will be on-site for in-person meetings to discuss your security, data protection and data classification needs.   Use the form below to schedule a meeting
4.  Get a private demo – Visit the DLP that Works booth #645 and get a demo of the GTB DLP that Works Platform, including our latest additions.

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