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Data security that is so accurate, you’ll be comfortable in enforce mode to stop data breaches before they happen – in real-time!

Aside from a Smart, Easy to use solution, here are just a few GTB differentiators:


One of the key differentiators to the GTB Data Protection System is its proprietary, patented Data AccuMatchtm detection, and Intelligent Smart Search algorithms, which allow GTB’s Data Protection solutions to detect and match pre-defined data with proven unprecedented, unrivaled accuracy and speed.



The GTB Endpoint Protector includes OCR for data in motion to USB devices, to Printers, and to the Internet. GTB is so intelligent, the solution is able to scan the PC for any file type while automatically classifying any file type.

GTB’s Data Security solutions have built-in expertise for regulations including PII, PHI/HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR. We have the most Accurate Data Detection with integrated classification & OCR. All with a single console to control and a predefined Policy Library.

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