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Organizations are switching up to GTB’s Data Security / DLP that Works and Data Governance products since existing legacy solutions are

  • Ineffective,
  • Out of date,
  • Cumbersome

and essentially do NOT work

GTB’s patented proprietary platform works.  It’s delivered via the cloud or on-premises, is very easy to manage, and is powered by mathematical intelligent algorithms which unlike others, yield a virtual zero false positive detection rate when protecting sensitive data from theft – in real-time.

What’s the news?

GTB Technologies will match or beat your eligible Data protection solution offer when you switch. Upgrade to the next evolution of cybersecurity, GTB’s Data Protection that Works platform, the award-winning solution which is packed with more features, at a better price point, including GTB’s AccuMatch detection.

Why it matters?

GTB will match or beat those competing solution discounts, offering you the chance to break free and switch up!

Who it’s for?

Anyone who’s been white-knuckling their pricing/offer while cursing the solution.

Want to Switch UP?

Contact us for more information and to learn about:

  • Simple Switch UP: The ease of switching up to GTB Data Protection— you can be up and running in a flash
  • Intelligent Smart Search: The advantages of GTB’s unique, proprietary data detection algorithms – the key to true data protection, proven to stop data breaches.
  • Virtual Zero False Negatives: How accurate detection with immediate responses — improves your data protection and defense program.
  • Intelligent Endpoint Security: The GTB Endpoint Protector includes OCR for data in motion to USB devices, to Printers, and to the Internet.  It is able to scan the PC for any file type while automatically classifying any file type.

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