2020 Redefining Data Loss Prevention and Protection

January 2020

Redefining Data Loss Prevention and Protection


GTB Technologies is the Data Protection solution that can prevent the loss of data from Malware and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data.

“Data Protection” has been the name of the game for GTB Technologies since its inception in 2004. On a mission to help protect data and proactively stop breaches, the company pioneered the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats. In fact, GTB’s solutions protect data losses from within the network, in the cloud, in files, data streams or anywhere. At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its transformational, intelligent data recognition platform that combines the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science. Having built solutions with impeccable accuracy, unprecedented real-time visibility, and accurate control of content, the company provides true cybersecurity and threat defense mechanisms—whether it be on-premise, off-premise in the cloud or as a managed service.

In an interview with CIO Applications Magazine, Uzi Yair, CEO of GTB Technologies, Inc., narrates how GTB Technologies is the only data protection solution that can prevent data loss from online attacks by blocking sensitive data regardless of file type, port or channel.

Give a brief introduction to your company and tell us about its mission. Also, throw some light on how has your company evolved over the years?

GTB started with a vision to provide exceptional data protection and governance. Initially, we designed firewalls to secure sensitive content and a testing engine to protect Intellectual Property (IP). From protecting data extortion to data transit, we evolved by including extensive security testing for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as Protected Health Information (PHI).

Our platform offers a comprehensive, intelligent, integrated approach across devices, email, network and cloud services to detect, respond, and more importantly, protect data from risks. The advanced data protection system detects rogue connections or unauthorized encryptions, terminates the connections, and provide remediation. For discovering and classifying data, we have also developed an elaborative discovery system that targets areas like file shares, exchange, and databases for both on premises and in the cloud.

Are there any specific challenges and needs when it comes to Microsoft space or the data protection field? What are your clients struggling with today, and how can GTB solve it? 

As far as the segments of the industries are concerned, we have seen great potential in insurance and legal companies, banking and financial services as well as the manufacturing sector. These industry verticals generally work with an influx of customer data—which they use regularly. If it’s left unprotected, these companies will face severe consequences and substantial losses. Irrespective of the nature of the business or the information they have, most of these companies opt for on-premises data exchange. Battling the constant fear of data threats, we see a lot of demand for Microsoft Office 365, which is becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

But, there lies an issue. Organizations that have deployed Office 365 or looking to deploy it know that it is equipped with very basic Data loss prevention (DLP) lite capabilities. It only provides a basic set of DLP features and is designed to provide a minimal compliance checkbox for SMB customers who currently have no DLP controls in place.  Office 365 lacks image analysis (OCR), advanced data fingerprinting and watermarking.  There is significant implantation, on-going management, detection efficacy, technical support and data loss channel coverage limitations making its DLP an ineffective replacement for an Enterprise DLP solution—even if the only channel you care to monitor is outbound email.

GTB’s data protection suite for Office 365 provides an easy to add, yet powerful, advanced enterprise content-aware data loss prevention toolset to any Microsoft Office 365 cloud deployment. Clients can discover & secure sensitive content—on-premises, off-premises and the cloud and identify sensitive content to or from Office 365. They can protect, discover, classify and share sensitive data throughout the entire organization with GTB’s Enterprise Data Loss Prevention that Workstm Suite. Our patented intelligent, content inspection solutions analyze, monitor, protect and classify both structured and unstructured data, with a virtual zero false positive rate on fingerprinted data, ensuring that all sensitive data is protected for both inbound and/or outbound data streams. Once sensitive data is found, our intuitive, flexible control and command center, based on customized policies takes over, which may cause that data to be blocked, quarantined, encrypted, and so on.

How are you delivering the security solutions for assisting the clients in extending their Microsoft information protection? 

Depending on the type of issue our clients face, we follow a different approach to address each issue. The first part includes protection on data exchange, particularly on Office 365. We provide Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) functionality with real-time discovery, classification, visibility, and control of cloud data. We then scan all outbound transmissions and identify sensitive data in real-time. We classify such data, and transparently encrypt it to protect email transmissions and file transfers while retaining full functionalities. We provide simple solutions by lowering costs and eliminating the complexity of secure email delivery.

Our system is designed with rare functionalities like data accuracy to detect sensitive data, including images—something that won’t be available on Microsoft’s platform. We meet our client’s demand by stretching our data protection services to multiple detection engines that can identify errors, including the wrong fingerprint input data by customers.

What keeps your company ahead of the competition?

Our company is agile in bringing new features and cybersecurity solutions to the marketplace. From amazing data detection techniques to fingerprinting technology, we offer the most collaborative and comprehensive methods of data protection and security in this space. Moreover, we believe that it is imperative to have an accurate data protection solution, considering the increasing numbers of breaches. Our approach to secure data lies in the unique accuracy of our solutions. We believe while most companies are only in the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) business; we, on the other hand, are in data protection, security and prevention businesses.

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