The Public Cloud  Is it Secure?

The Public Cloud.  Is it Secure?


In today’s business environment, data is everything.

With data volumes increasing exponentially, the cloud has become the go-to for many companies to store their vital information.

Offloading data storage and management has worked wonders. Firms no longer have to rely on in-house storage components. Furthermore, the organizational and management tools provided by many cloud services are able to significantly streamline operations–often in ways never imagined.

But outsourcing to the cloud has its costs.


The Security Factor

Experts have been arguing out the pros and cons of data security on the cloud for years.

Indeed, the security challenges unique to cloud based data have produced whole new industries such as that of cloud access security brokers (CASBs).

One thing is clear though:

Putting your data on the cloud means trusting an outside party with your most sensitive information, including your trade secrets to customer PII. From a data loss protection perspective, this is a red flag.

To put it bluntly, the cloud is managed by someone who isn’t part of your organization. This raises an important question: in a world of cyber threats and heavy IT compliance obligations, how can administrators know their data is secure in someone else’s hands?


Protecting Data in and Out of the Cloud

GTB’s Smart data protection platforms allows companies to extend their DLP to the cloud.

The GTB model is designed to secure data in all its states, whether in motion, on premises, or on a cloud provider.

With GTB’s Cloud Data Protect, organizations have complete visibility to data exiting the cloud including the ability to prevent access and / or block unauthorized access.

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