DLP Market Leader GTB Technologies to Showcase the Markets’ First Data Loss Prevention Solution to Stop Data Exfiltration from the Cloud during the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2018

DLP Market Leader GTB Technologies to Showcase the Markets’ First Data Loss Prevention Solution to Stop Data Exfiltration from the Cloud during the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2018




October 10, 2018

Newport Beach, CA USA


GTB Technologies, the global leader of Data Protection solutions, today announced it will be showcasing the latest additions to its’ Next Generation Data Protection that Works platform during the Gartner Symposium at Disney World Orlando,  October 15 thru October 18, 2018.


Being the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property and Leader in Data Protection, GTB’s DLP that Works platform prevents the loss of confidential or protected data over a wide range of network protocols, applications, cloud storage apps, data formats and usage scenarios.  An attempted data leak is blocked, even if the protected data was altered from its original form through format conversion, copying, extracting, embedding, re-typing, compression, file extension changes, etc.


New Data Protection Technologies

During the Gartner Symposium, GTB Technologies will be showcasing the latest additions to its Next Generation Data Protection that Work platform including:

GTB Snowden Data Protection

GTB Cloud Data Protect

“Most enterprises are focusing on Data going into the cloud using DLP and CASB solutions.   But now they realize that corporate Data on the Cloud is vulnerable as it can be extruded from any Geolocation and by many different constituents.” stated Uzi Yair, GTB’s Co-founder.    “Now with GTB Cloud Data Protect, organizations have complete visibility to data exiting the cloud including the ability to Prevent Access/Block unauthorized access” explained Yair.

Gartner Analysis

A recent analyst report[i] points out that DLP as a technology is viewed by users–whether they be individuals or enterprises–as a “high-maintenance tool”, requiring constant attention and a substantial regular investment of man hours.   This ultimately leads to “incomplete deployments” in relation to the systems actual DLP needs.   As a result of all of these phenomena, the analyst says, companies end up being stuck with systems that require constant fine tuning, and struggle to calculate the ROI on the substantial investments in DLP platforms.[ii]

Problem Solved

GTB’s Smart DLP that WorksTM is a platform that addresses and solves those problems, with patented artificial intelligence models, GTB’s Data Protection that WorksTM solutions use an artificial intelligence-based approach to manage and control sensitive data.   This allows the platform to learn and chart the data, freeing cybersecurity analysts from the tedious maintenance attached to other solutions.   Due to the unmatched precision of its detection technology, ease of use and quick time to value, GTB DLP allows processes to be streamlined, instead of bogging down administrators with errors and false positives.  GTB ensures users that security does not come at the expense of efficiency.


Learn about Data Protection from the Leader during the Gartner Symposium ITxpo



Where:  Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Stage 2, Pacific Hall, Walt Disney World Dolphin

When:  Wednesday October 17, 12:50 PM

For a demo, private meeting or to learn more about data protection opportunities with GTB Technologies visit GTB’s booth # 1112  during the symposium or schedule a private meeting at  https://gttb.com/leader-of-data-protection-and-gartner/

Recent Leader Award

Leader Data Loss Prevention and Data Protection, Cyber Defense Magazine

To learn more about the Gartner Symposium ITxpo visit https://www.gartner.com/en/conferences/na/symposium-us.

To learn more about why GTB Technologies’ is used by the Who’s Who of Global Enterprises, Governments & Organizations or how GTB Technologies enables successful and comprehensive data protection deployments, call 800.626.0557 or visit www.gttb.com

[i] It’s Time to Redefine Data Loss Prevention Published 19 September 2017 – ID G00333194 Gartner


[ii] https://gttb.com/gartner-analyst-redefine-data-loss-prevention/


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