Why GTB Technologies Are Market Leaders at Data Loss Prevention & Data Discovery

Technology Market Leader GTB Technologies

GTB Technologies has become the market leader in  Enterprise Data Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery & eDiscovery by developing cutting-edge technological solutions that are reliable, effective and work.  We focus on ensuring that our solutions are simple to use, so organizations can proactively manage their own data security policies and understand the state of their data.

Our Next Generation Data Protection solutions perform real-time data classification on data-at-rest and data-in-motion, giving you unrivaled oversight.  Regardless of where your data is going — to the cloud, to the internet, to external devices or to a printer, you will be able to monitor it and enforce data security policies.

We work with some of the world’s largest enterprises to analyze data, manage external threats, ensure compliance, monitor access and protect their extremely valuable data.  The key benefits gained from using the GTB Technologies Next Generation Data Protection Platform include:


A solution that is simple, easy to use and performs as marketed

We have managed to create a technologically advanced system that is easy to use. Your information technology staff will enjoy using the platform and be able to do so very effectively.


Deployment speed is amazingly fast

Our data loss prevention system can be set up very quickly and begin working to ensure your data is safe.


Realtime data detection and classification

Data can be discovered, identified and manipulated in real time. Our DLP, Endpoint & Discovery solutions work with the ever increasing number of different regulations and compliance mandates including PII,  PCI, PHI,  IP, FERC, NERC, SOX, GLBA, GDPR and so on.  It also has OCR detection included.


Detection accuracy is virtually 100% accurate on fingerprinted structured and unstructured data

The level of accuracy in our data loss prevention solution is the best in the market. Our solution protects data on-site, off-site and in the cloud — on a wide range of platforms. Our solution is ideal intellectual property data protection.


A Unified Approach to Data Policy Creation

Gain complete visibility & control over data from a central access command center.



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