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Schrems and Facebook privacy case  EU_US Data Transfers Edition

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 Schrems and Facebook privacy case: next round set for February

Data Protection Commissioner seeks to refer EU-US data transfers to European court

Mary Carolan

A High Court judge has fixed next February to hear the action by the Data Protection Commissioner over the legality of existing data transfer channels between the EU and the United States.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern fixed the hearing, which has potentially enormous implications for EU-US trade and the data privacy rights of millions of EU citizens, for February 7th, 2017. It will run for up to three weeks.

Commissioner Helen Dixon wants the High Court to refer issues concerning the validity of data transfer channels, known as Standard Contractual Clausesand approved by various European Commission decisions, to the Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ) for determination…..”[1]   Read more at below link

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