Insider Threat & Targeted Attack Protection – Detect & Respond to the Kill Chain

Malware, APT & Insider Threat Protection

With increased phishing attacks and data leak risks, protecting sensitive data, customer & corporate information from a breach is more important than ever.

insiderthreat_diagram_GTbConfidential content may be transmitted out of an organization through many different Internet Protocols and through several means: e-mail,  instant messengers, web servers, private blogs, hacker tools, spyware, private cloud, Malware, stealthy attacks, and many other applications. Identity Theft incidents are increasing at an alarming rate. Such incidents are not only embarrassing but actually cause financial harm to companies.


Types of APT / Insider Threats:

  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Trusted Insiders
  • Malware-based data exfiltration
  • Unintentional data extrusion/exfiltration from ‘trusted insiders’
  • Ransomware
  • Infiltration by a 3rd Party

GTB’s Data Protection that Works TM Platform offers Protection  from Insider Threats and Cyber-attacks

Agent or Agent-less… On the network, at the endpoint, in the cloud   — you decide

The GTB Data Protection Platform inspects, examines & controls sensitive data (including application, protocol and user data) using both content & context.

Traditional DLP solutions cannot accurately provide both the content & context awareness to respond.  GTB’s solution can by providing real-time information about user-based threats, so the focus is on the threats that matter.  With GTB’s DLP that Works platform, data & users are monitored to detect evasion attempts and changes in behavior that might be indicative of malicious intent.

Immediately & easily integrate actions to protect against cyber threats  with GTB’s APT Solutions (Detect & Respond to the Kill Chain from external and multi-vector such as untrusted users (malware), trusted users or employee error)

Lock in your sensitive data and protect against both insider and outsider threats with complete security that’s right for your organization …. afford-ably, simply and accurately ….. on premise or off-premise and in real-time!  No other solution can.


Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured Data, Any Industry

is accurately protected by GTB’s DLP that WorksTM platform:

  • PII – Personally Identifiable Information
  • PCI – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • PHI – Protected Health Information
  • IP – Intellectual Property (Financial reports & modeling, M&A plans, Source code, patent applications … )
  • EU GDPR and like government regulations


GTB Customers use our advanced data protection technology to:

  • protect proprietary source code from misuse as development expands to India and China, while also defining share-able, open source code.
  • detect & respond to the “kill chain” from APT – Advanced Persistent Threats
  • protect manufacturing and design documents from competition, including; protecting  BYOD designs as there’s a short window from when a device is launched until competitive solutions are on the market.
  • OCR detection and Geo-location awareness
  • protect sensitive data such as sales data, pricing and promotion information as well as credit card information for PCI compliance and brand protection.
  • detect, mitigate & respond to “slow” data leaks – Drip DLP 
  • detect & respond to criminal encryption & the exfiltration of data – including source code snippets
  • monitor and control user applications (UEBA)
  • create real-time data forensics
  • educate and enforce
  • protect based on content, context &/or destination


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