Symantec DLP Vontu Alternative

Have you invested in Symantec DLP?   Boy have things changed?


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GTB Data Security that Workstm with Classification is the Superior Alternative offering Content Aware Enterprise DLP for Endpoint, Network & Cloud.


GTB is the leader in Data Loss Prevention / DLP in part due to:

Accurate IP Protection

As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property, our panted platform is built to detect and prevent data exfiltration, accurately, without creating thousands of irrelevant noises thus creating DLP Shelf ware.

Accurate Data Visibility

With a virtual zero false positive detection rate and detection at the binary level, GTB stops data breaches from occurring including those from insider threats.

Broadest Endpoint Protection and OS Coverage

GTB provides intellectual property and endpoint protection, data discovery, classification, user analytics and auditing across Windows, MacOS, and Linux endpoints.  OS upgrades work with GTB’s lightweight agent.

Technologies that Worktm

GTB is the creator of DLP for intellectual property protection, pioneer of compliance DLP and is not built on failing acquisitions.  GTB Data Security that Works platform is the underlying data detection engine for many of the worlds’ largest SaaS technology organizations.


SaaS & Cloud Delivery Options

GTB SaaS / Cloud service deploys in minutes, security updates and upgrades are automatic; reporting and policy configurations are custom tailored for each organization.

GTB – Delivered Managed DLP Options

GTB is the only company that offers a fully or hybrid managed service, without any long-term commitment.


  • Enterprise Data Protection & Content Aware DLP
  • Industry’s Most Accurate Data Discovery & Detection
  • Persistent and Automated Data Classification and Watermarking
  • Persistent and Automated Data Misclassification
  • Automated Remediation
  • OCR,  Drip DLP
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Notifications
  • Full Visibility Across Network, Endpoints & Cloud
  • One Central Console for Command & Control
  • and Much More!


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