Security, Compliance and Privacy Challenge within the Age of Data Transformation

Meeting the Security, Compliance and Privacy Challenge within the Age of Data Transformation

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

As the amount of sensitive data within one’s data stores exponentially grow, the ability to correctly protect that data from both user error and the intentional threats of internal and external sources while maintaining compliance with regulations, legislation and organization policies is increasingly a top priority and concern from within and out of the organization.

For over a decade, GTB Technologies has delivered unparalleled innovations to the data protection and governance market.  While each industry is different their governance and data protection approaches entail

  • the ability to monitor and control data
  • the knowledge of what data is sensitive, where that sensitive data is and if it is properly protected
  • the knowledge of who did what and when to that data
  • Data protection policies
  • End user awareness of cybersecurity and data protection polices

Join our session to learn how GTB’s Data Security that Works portfolio helps organizations achieve compliance while allowing collaboration among the organization.

The session includes demos of GTB’s Data detection and governance abilities.  Attendees should bring their laptops if they would like to get the true GTB Experience!

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