Preventing Data Leakage & Breaches from a Remote, off the Grid, Workforce


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With the COVID 19 pandemic upon us, many organizations are pivoting and scrambling to enable its staff to work remotely. These new work from home programs haven’t been fully tested and leave open a gaping hole where sensitive data breaches are inevitable.  In this webinar, GTB Technologies proves that with the right technology, the use of a remote workforce doesn’t have to go hand in hand with sensitive data leakage.

Using a revolutionary, proprietary zero-trust approach to sensitive data protection, GTB’s advanced Data Security that Workstm tools close the gaps left by many providers claiming to have data protection / DLP functions and tools.

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 Join us to learn:

  • How to stop trusted insiders (employees or authorized users, including the remote off the grid workforce) from sending out sensitive data against policy.
  • How to use your existing policies to adjust to a remote workforce model.

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