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at Infosecurity North America 2018

NOVEMBER 14-15 2018



 Gain the knowledge, tools and tech to defend against the latest cybersecurity threats, risks and vulnerabilities. 

 14 Nov 2018, 2:00 – 2:25 PM    

Technology Showcase 

Protecting Sensitive Information From Insider & Outsider Threats


Would you know if an attacker breached your infrastructure and sent out sensitive data?

Would you know if a trusted insider (BAAs, sales representatives or other authorized users) sent out sensitive data against policy?

The data protection and DLP tools of yesterday have changed very little, these outdated detection engines are based on inaccurate, imprecise detection methods.

Today your adversaries use advanced technologies and techniques thus creating a virtual infinite number of threats. Join this session to learn how to stay ahead of the attackers, anywhere, anytime with real data protection that accurately blocks data extrusion before you are breached.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand if your current data protection controls are able to protect sensitive data assets from insider and outsider threats
  2. Learn how to prevent a data breach
  3. Learn how to automatically locate and classify sensitive data with unsurpassed accuracy
  4. Understand why current DLP end-users are switching up to the next level of Data protection
  5. Find new ways to make a data protection program successful – without the meaningless events plagued by many solutions

About our speaker

Uzi Yair, the co-founder of GTB Technologies, Inc. & Quadriga DLP leads the product development of GTB’s game changing Data Protection / DLP that Works platform.

For the past 15 years, Uzi has been advising and providing insightful guidance on all aspects of data protection for some of the world’s largest enterprises & government organizations.

Uzi holds an MBA from Columbia Business School along with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Hofstra University.


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