Are your Cyber Security Solutions Keeping Up?

Upcoming Executive Dine & Learn

Wednesday, March 13 at 6:00 pm Pacific

San Diego, CA

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Are your Cyber Security Solutions Keeping Up?

Sick of learning too late that your sensitive data is exposed or has been breached? Remember when security mostly focused on blocking users’ access to possibly malicious internet content. But the risks and threats are evolving and your trusted insiders are going everywhere online, including cloud applications.   Are your cyber security solutions keeping up?

Join our webinar to learn how GTB’s next generation data protection solutions provide the most accurate data protection and threat defense, in real-time, to support the anytime, anywhere distributed personnel.

Understand how GTB Data Protection that Workstm solutions:

  • Increase collaboration and productivity without additional complexity
  • Detect, Respond & Protect from insider threats
  • Use CASB with a Twisttm  to discover, classify, secure and protect sensitive data in cloud storage.
  • Manage everything from one console, including shared policies and centralized reporting

Join us and see why GTB Technologies is the Superior choice*


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*​Complimentary ​tickets ​are ​limited and available ​to ​qualified ​executives ​in ​security/risk ​management ​leadership positions ​at ​end-user ​organizations. ​Consultants ​and ​solutions ​providers/vendors ​are ​not ​eligible.