GTB Technologies Announces Worldwide Adoption of its Endpoint Data Loss Prevention Off-line Fingerprint Detection DLP Solution

GTB Technologies Announces Worldwide Adoption of its Data Loss Prevention Off-line Fingerprint Detection DLP Solution

GTB Technologies continues to dominate the data protection and data loss prevention (DLP) world markets with premium, un-paralleled technology and ongoing worldwide market expansion.


November 17, 2016

Newport Beach, CA  USA

Today GTB Technologies, the independent leader of Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention solutions announced new worldwide enterprise installations, spanning across six continents, of its off-premises Fingerprint Detection DLP Solution.

This rapid adoption is fueled in part by the increasing recognition of the value global enterprises gain from a unified enterprise-wide data protection / DLP that Works platform which actually offers an ROI.

Providing unrivaled, accurate fingerprint detection even if the user is off premises, GTB Technologies’ Endpoint Protector continues to help global enterprises prevent the theft of intellectual property, unstructured or structured data and protects sensitive data from breaches that involve the unauthorized ex-filtration of sensitive information including the broad visibility and control of sensitive data for cloud applications.

Furthermore, recent reports from the 2 major analyst research firms in the Data Loss Prevention space have rated GTB Technologies’ Data Protection Platforms with the highest scores in:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Coverage
  • Multi-language availability
  • Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Support
  • Deployment Distribution

With the rise in cybersecurity attacks, enterprises worldwide are coming to GTB Technologies to protect sensitive data such as source code, information covered by an invention secrecy order, pharmaceutical product formulas, manufacturing processes, marketing plans, clinical trial data, while remaining compliant with global and state regulatory statutes including FCRA, FDIC Cyber Threat and Incident Escalation Guide, FERPA, FISMA, EU GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, ITAR or OFAC,PCI, PHI, PII, SOX, PIPEDA, FOIPPA, PIPA, CALEA, CCRA, CIPA, COPPA, EFTA, FACTA, ECPA, FCRA, GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, PPA, RFPA, US PATRIOT Act.

“GTB’s data protection solutions offer global enterprises the ability to control sensitive data wherever it resides. We created the DLP for Intellectual Property market and pioneered the DLP for Compliance market, therefore our platforms are not comprised of complex, outdated security product portfolio acquisitions; better yet, our solutions seamlessly provide a fully integrated Data Protection Platform which actually works,” Wendy Cohen, GTB’s Global Cloud Practice Director stated. “This rapid, expansive growth demonstrates our dominant role in driving worldwide DLP adoption. GTB Technologies’ cybersecurity platforms are a true example of the cream rising to the top.”

GTB’s DLP that Works Platform technology has the unique ability to provide:

  • Off-premises Fingerprinting detection
  • Accuracy – virtually zero false positive rates
  • Full agent deployment, without the need for appliances
  • Automatic encryption of sensitive data
  • Ability to stop data from being ex-filtrated by malware, insiders or by accident
  • Enterprise Application Control with Blacklisting and Whitelisting
  • A Unique Enterprise DLP solution that’s easy to deploy, simple to use yet the most powerful
  • Full DLP solution deployed in less than an hour within most environments
  • Deployment options: on-premises, DLP as a Service, Hybrid DLP as a Service and Fully Managed DLP as a Service

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About GTB Technologies, Inc.
For over 13 years, GTB’s data protection solutions have provided the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for the world’s largest enterprises and are the go-to data protection solutions for the Who’s Who of global enterprises, in part due to superior accurate, granular visibility and control of sensitive data usage for on premises and off, including sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps (Shadow IT). For more information, call 800.626.0557 or visit us at


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