GTB Technologies Expands its Leadership in DLP, Data Discovery, Data Classification and Encryption with Crypt-n-Chive

GTB Technologies Expands its Leadership in Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery, Data Classification and Encryption with Crypt-n-ChiveTM


Crypt-n-ChiveTM; the Intelligent Data Discovery, Inventory, Classification & Encryption Solution

July 26, 2017

Newport Beach, CA

GTB Technologies, the leader of Data Loss Prevention for on-premises, off and in the cloud; today announced the availability of its latest data protection solution Crypt-n-Chive.  Combining advanced intelligent detection and scientific algorithms within a simple to use control console for Data Discovery, Classification, Encryption and Digital Rights Management; GTB Crypt-n-ChiveTM provides the most accurate 360° real-time view with automatic control of information assets.

The growth of Big Data brings an ever-increasing amount of data being used and stored all over the enterprise, including its cloud storage apps.    Confidential and compliance data resides on PC’s, file-shares, Exchange, PST and OST files as well as off-premises in the cloud including Office 365, Box, Salesforce thus increasing the enterprises’ risk exposure.


“GTB’s Crypt-n-Chive is a solution which not only provides accurate content detection, in any language including right to left languages, without the false positives plagued by traditional DLP; ”  stated Uzi Yair, GTB’s co-founder and head of Product Development.   “Crypt-n-Chive also provides forensic data such as full reporting on a files’ activity and the chain of custody for protected files; a first step in rendering an organization GDPR compliant” continued Yair.


GTB’s Crypt-N-ChiveTM Solution

Smart "Crypt n Chive" for data protection & compliancePowered by GTB Technologies’ patented technologies, the industry’s only data detection engines with virtually zero false positive / false negative detection rates; GTB’s Crypt-N-Chive solution automates data inventory, data classification and migration, accurately, in real-time, per custom information life-cycle / data life-cycle management policies thus extending an enterprises’ data protection rules and strategies.


 A 360° View of your data, in real-time; Crypt-N-Chive scans many locations including:

  • Endpoint devices
  • File shares
  • Data bases
  • Office 365
  • Exchange (both on premises & cloud)
  • SharePoint (both on premises & cloud)
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Azure
  • And many more

Unstructured, Semi-Structured & Structured Data … All Covered

Accurately locate sensitive data (both structured, semi and unstructured) either in motion, at rest or in use without false positive or false negative actions.  Verify that sensitive data is not within the organization.  Once sensitive data is recognized or found, automatically apply policies actions including:

  • Escalate to management
  • Redact / anonymize
  • Archive
  • Data migration (to on-premise locations or off to cloud storage)
  • Encrypt, add rights management with GTB’s Content Aware Digital Rights Management or other 3rd party tool security features
  • Classify with GTB’s Data Classifier or other 3rd party Data Classification tools
  • Delete


360° Protection of your data – in Real-time

Using intelligent, patented scientific algorithms, Crypt-n-Chive accurately controls data for all use cases   and deployment environments including on-premises, the cloud, hybrid and Big Data.


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About GTB Technologies, Inc.

For over 13 years, GTB Technologies, the creator of DLP for IP, has provided the data protection solution that accurately prevents sensitive data loss / data ex-filtration from within the network, at the endpoint, in the cloud or anywhere else; either agent or agent-less, in files or data streams.   Delivered on-premises or off, as a managed service, self-service or a hybrid.

GTB’s DLP that Works TM is the multiple award-winning flagship platform that launched GTB into the leadership position in the Data Loss Prevention market.  GTB’s Security Manager automatically and accurately identifies and blocks sensitive data before it can be ex-filtrated. At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its revolutionary intelligent data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.


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