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GTB Technologies Data Protection / Data Loss Prevention MSSP Programs Offer Added Flexibility at a Lower Cost


GTB Technologies offers the ability for organizations of any size to reap the benefits of its Enterprise Data Protection / DLP that Works platform.


December 8, 2016

Newport Beach, CA USA


GTB Technologies, a 4 time Gartner Visionary and the global leader of Cloud and Data Loss Prevention solutions, today announced the availability of its Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Flex programs.

IoT Vulnerabilities, Data Privacy Risks and the Cybersecurity Workforce

The growth of IoT is spanning across various verticals (defense, energy, financial, insurance, healthcare, government, logistics, manufacturing, education, technology …) at an exponential rate.  The success and impact of IoT adoption relies on the veracity, quality and protection of the data attained.  The collection of this sensitive data brings an increased risk of privacy and data security noncompliance, further adding to this risk is the known shortage of a qualified cybersecurity workforce.

Choosing a Managed Security Program (MSP) is not an easy task and being locked into MSSP services can be an expensive nightmare.  With the understanding that there’s a major cybersecurity workforce shortage, GTB Technologies believes that organizations  should have access to enterprise data protection platforms.

“All organizations, regardless of the size, should have the ability to reap the benefits of enterprise data protection platforms at a reasonable cost and not be plagued by the lack of qualified staff” stated Jon Simon, GTB Technologies Director of MSP Programs.   “Our on demand MSSP Program offers businesses and government organizations of any size, the advanced benefits of GTB’s market leading Enterprise Data Protection that WorksTM platform“ explained Simon.

GTB Technologies MSSP customers now have the option to obtain the benefits of its market leading Enterprise Data Protection and DLP MSP Programs on a month to month, pay as you go basis.

 Discover, Search, Classify and Protect Sensitive Data, pay as you go

Over the next few weeks, GTB Technologies will release numerous industry and technology specific on demand MSSP services and programs, including those for:

  • Intelligent enterprise search and analysis across structured and unstructured information
  • Remote & Branch Office Data Protection
  • Data Center DLP
  • Sensitive Information Discovery and Data Classification
  • MSP for Compliance & Regulations
  • MSP for Intellectual Property Data Protection
  • MSP for Endpoint Protection
  • MSP for Cloud Data Loss Prevention including Box, Dropbox, Google, Office 365, SharePoint …
  • MSP for Advanced Threats
  • MSP for Education
  • MSP for Energy, Government, Engineering and Utilities
  • MSP for Financial Institutions,  Insurance and Payment Processors
  • MSP for Healthcare, including HIPAA Risk Analysis
  • MSP for Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals & Technology
  • MSP for Entertainment, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants

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Failure of Traditional DLP

About GTB Technologies, Inc.

For over 13 years, GTB’s data protection solutions have provided the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for the world’s largest enterprises and are the go-to data protection solutions for the Who’s Who of global enterprises, in part due to superior accurate, granular visibility and control of sensitive data usage for on premises and off, including sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps (Shadow IT).

GTB’s DLP that Works is the multiple award-winning flagship platform that launched GTB into the leadership position in the Data Loss Prevention market. GTB’s Security Manager automatically and accurately identifies and blocks sensitive data before it can be ex-filtrated. At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its revolutionary intelligent data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.

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