2021 Best DLP Solution Provider and Top Cybersecurity Company

2021 Best DLP Solution & Top Cybersecurity Company

GTB Technologies Tops All Companies in the Data Security Category on the List

Once again, GTB is recognized for the innovation we bring to our customers. The increase of Enterprise end-user switch-ups and OEM usage is proof that the accuracy of our patented, proprietary sensitive data detection engines does matter.

Uzi Yair, CoFounder GTB Technologies, Inc. Tweet


February 16, 2021

West Palm Beach, FL

·         Named a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company by The Software Report

·         Acknowledged with 2021’s Best DLP Provider Solution in the Legal 100 Awards by Lawyer International


GTB Technologies, a leader in data security and DLP, was named one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies by The Software Report.  The Software Report list represents some of the most innovative and technically advanced organizations in their approach to protecting customers.  GTB Technologies ranked twentieth among its peers and top among Data Security companies on the list.  According to The Software Report, the awardees implement proactive and comprehensive platform technologies to ensure their customers are protected against a wide range of cyberattacks.

With a large number of businesses allocating considerable operational focus to digital transformation, the use of offerings from these cybersecurity companies are crucial for maintaining the security of valuable data and infrastructure. [1]  The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies list was announced Dec. 23, 2020.

GTB Technologies was recognized alongside established industry leaders like CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, SecureWorks and others. 

Accuracy Matters

 “Once again, GTB is recognized for the innovation we bring to our customers. The increase of End-user switch-ups and OEM usage is proof that the accuracy of our patented, proprietary sensitive data detection engines does matter” said Uzi Yair, GTB Technologies Cofounder. 

 2021’s Best DLP Provider Solution

GTB was recently recognized by The Legal 100 awards, as the Best DLP Provider Solution by the Legal 100 Awards.  The awards exist to showcase those firms and individuals that continually provide the client with an outstanding level of service, demonstrating an incredibly high degree of ability, whilst delivering the outstanding results that are synonymous with firms and individuals of this caliber.[2]

About GTB Technologies, Inc.

Growing since 2004, GTB Technologies is the leader and creator of DLP for Intellectual Property.  Being the only truly independent company in Data Leak / Data Loss Prevention (DLP) permits GTB to focus on its customers rather than investors’ short-term objectives, thus delivering the best in class technology and customer service.

GTB’s Data Security that Workstm platform integrates content, context, and location awareness along with encryption, and data-level controls to reduce the risk of and/or prevent sensitive data loss, misuse, and/or data theft. Its proven, patented technology offers organizations the ability to accurately monitor, audit, control, and prevent sensitive data from malicious theft, while automatically enforcing data security policies and procedures.

GTB’s modular platform which when using fingerprinted data, provides a catch rate of virtually 100 percent, with no comparison data saved, permitting secure data sharing across multiple computing environments, including endpoints, networks, and the cloud.  This pinpoint detection accuracy coupled with continuous monitoring gives organizations facing budgetary restrictions and regulatory challenges a tough, effective defense.   GTB’s platform is delivered on-premises or off, as a managed service, self-service or a hybrid.   For more information visit our website at https://gttb.com

[1] https://www.thesoftwarereport.com/the-top-25-cybersecurity-companies-of-2020/

[2] https://www.lawyer-intl.com/winners

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