Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that Works

GTB’s Endpoint Protector for Microsoft 365 offers a unique, accurate Enterprise Data Loss Prevention that Workstm solution which provides the necessary data security features lacked by Microsoft’s own Office 365 DLP – Lite.

It is well known that Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) only provides a basic set of DLP features and is designed to provide a minimal compliance checkbox for SMB customers who currently have no DLP controls in place.  GTB Data Protection that Workstm for Microsoft Office 365 provides an easy to add, yet powerful, advanced enterprise content-aware data loss prevention toolset to any Microsoft Office 365 cloud deployment.  GTB provides accurate coverage for all sensitive data and channels, something with Microsoft DLP lacks.

Unique Native protection – Data Type Agnostic

GTB supports all kinds of data, structured, unstructured, and binary files. Offering protection for up to 700 million elements of stored data in databases and up to 5TB of source data across more than 600 different file formats, including Microsoft Office documents, CSV files, CAD drawings, image files, rich media, encrypted contents, and other industry-specific application formats.

Industry Regulatory Policies

With thousands of templates for industry regulations,

Pre-built Policy Templates make deployment easy.  Polices can be set to log, audit, block, etc.  GTB’s Endpoint DLP that Works for Microsoft enforce many risky activities with controls including:

  • Clipboard controls
  • Printing and Printer controls
  • USB Controls
  • Fileshare Control
  • Upload sensitive data snippets or files to the cloud

Intelligent, Integrated OCR, Classification and insights for Microsoft 365

GTB’s Endpoint agent has built-in data classification, OCR, and analytics, seamlessly integrated with Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  GTB Endpoint Protector uniquely includes OCR for data in motion to USB devices, to Printers, and to the Internet.  It is able to scan the PC for any file type while automatically classifying any file type.

Seamless deployment removes limitations

GTB agents are not limited to Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Edge browser.  GTB supports MAC and Linux OS.


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