Malicious Intent

Malicious Intent, or just plain Negligence?

Not knowing and understanding when your files and data are at risk can be expensive.

Without visibility into user file activity, how do you know if you’re compromising sensitive data and files?   Can your systems distinguish the differences?  Can they permit you to detect, respond and control malicious activity – accurately?

GTB’s latest Data Protection that WorksTM for File shares solution, the AuditorTM is a complete data centric auditing / monitoring protection (DCAP) solution that uses a combination of intelligent technologies and smart accurate detection methodologies to provide the most advanced visibility into user file activities.  the AuditorTM, is file share agnostic, supports any file-share storage and focuses on the continuous monitoring of file user activities, including identifying suspicious or malicious activity. File activities include: Read, Write, Modify, Rename, Delete, Attach and more.

Protect sensitive data from external and internal attackers.  GTB Data Protection that Works is the only solution which provides complete and accurate data visibility along with detect, protect and respond capabilities, all from one console – via the cloud or on-premises.

Learn how to detect and prevent data exfiltration from insider threats – known and unknown sources.

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