Leader in Cloud-Delivered Data Protection and DLP

Cloud-Delivered Enterprise Data Protection – Breaches Stopped 


2020 Leader DLP Solutions Provider

Traditional enterprise data protection solutions are unable to accurately detect sensitive data in order to truly stop a data breach.  GTB’s DLP solutions were the first to provide Cloud delivered Data protection and is the only platform that offers and delivers an efficient and accurate solution.




Powered by AWS or Azure, GTB’s SaaS Data Protection that Works Platformtmoffers an organization a way to cut their expenses while obtaining the best and most accurate data protection solution on the market.


Most Accurate – Deepest Visibility

Having solved the known False positive rate problem, GTB is the only solution with a patented  detection engine which yields a virtual zero false positive and more importantly  false negative rates





Classification & Watermarking

GTB is the only solution with an integrated classification engine, offering user and content-based classification – in real-time!


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